Friday, July 15, 2011

Deuteronomy 6

As an introduction to our study in Proverbs 3 next week, spend some time reading Deuteronomy 6 this weekend. This may take you a bit of time, so please take your time!

Here are a few thought questions for you as you read. You may put them in your journal:

1) Why did God give the commandments to Moses (who is the writer of this passage.) See verses 1-2

2) and if you listen to these teachings, what will be the benefit? See verse 3.

3)Verse 5 is a very commonly quoted verse. I ask you....Do you?

4)Verses 6-9 are always a wake up call for me. I am not diligent enough when teaching God's Word to myself, much less the rest of my family. More on this in a moment...

There are so many more things to learn in this passage but I am going to stop here as this pertains to our lesson on Monday. Feel free to read the rest of Deuteronomy 6 though, as there is much to learn in this short chapter of 25 verses.

Today for our discussion, I would like to ask you all for ideas. In ancient Bible times, the young men truly did keep the Scriptures in a little box attached to their wrist or their forehead. What ideas do you have to put the Word of God in plain view for your family?


Belinda said...

What about refrigerator art? There are always little snippets of news articles and photos on my fridge. I can add scripture to it! I see the verse for the day on my bathroom mirror every day, but I can move it to the kitchen where everyone can see.

If I want a more lasting display, I can paint it on a board and set it or hang it in the living room. Even guests will see it then. But that couldn't be changed out as often. I could always use little inexpensive slats and do several though.

And what about a scripture quilt wall hanging???? Hmmmm, I'm getting all excited about this!

Note: Thanks to everyone who is praying for Elissa. They are so appreciative. Elissa sent me an email via her mother thanking us for all the prayers. :)

Tonya said...

A small wallhanging with individual changeable verses, stitched. Kind of like the one the Jenny from Elefantz does as a BOM.

Great ideas BeLinda!