Friday, July 8, 2011

Proverbs 1:20-33

The book of Proverbs is written in a poetry type format. The verses that we are going to read today gives 'wisdom' personification...meaning wisdom is given a 'voice' so to speak. Wisdom as well as foolishness is personified throughout the book of Proverbs---just something to keep in mind as we go forward. 

Read Proverbs 1:20-33.

According to verses 20 and 21, how easy is it to find wisdom? I was imagining myself on a road trip as I contemplated these verses. Do you read billboards? I do. I usually am not the driver anymore (thank goodness!!) so I like to look at the scenery around me. Those big billboards catch my attention every time. Even the stupid ones I see a billion times in my lifetime. But I was thinking just come the things that God places right there in front of me do not catch my attention? I actually have to go out of my way to ignore them. Why do I do that?

Verse 29 parallels closely to what verse that we read earlier in the week?

What eventually happens to the person who doesn't have wisdom?

My verse of the Day is verse 20 because I need the reminder that the Wisdom of God is right there, seeking me. At times I play The Fool and I don't notice what is right in front of my eyes!

For today's discussion...
I really enjoyed yesterday's discussion of Adoration to our God. Let's just continue on with the A.C.T.S. method and move right onto confession. UH OH! No, you don't have to reveal your closet skeletons unless you want to. Every single one of us sin every single day. And every single one of us struggles with some particular sin day after day after day. If you are comfortable with it...then reveal it. We will at least be a listening ear for you and will pray along with you that you may overcome it. If you don't want to...then that is fine too.

I will not post anything on the weekends from this blog. I would encourage you to read through Proverbs 1 again this weekend and be on the lookout for Wisdom shouting to you from the street!


Under Her Wings said...

I came over from Belinda's blog, and it's so interesting that your post corresponded to something that I had written on mine this morning. I have been spending this year in the Proverbs, and it has been such a blessing. I look forward to reading your insight. Gloria

Belinda said...

I struggle daily with being selfish. With my time, my talents, my money...everything. I don't want to give God what He desires of me. I want to keep it for me me me.

I judge others too frequently. And am negative too often.

I don't step out there boldly and witness to others.

Gee. How disturbing... And embarrassing. But it's the truth and I need to admit it.

Tonya said...

Hmmm, Belinda, after this week I think you and I are much alike. I do have trouble being critical of others. This is a 'family' thing that I am working on our entire family with. It really bothers me and we need to stop it.

Just like you I am not real outspokenly bold, but I do try to live my life as an open Christian and show the Way by example. If I feel led I very very nervously say something but I do believe our life can be a great Testimony without 'Bible Thumping" people.

I have an idol. Chocolate. Now stop laughing. I am serious. Since Stephen came along I've GAINED, not lost weight, and that boys stresses me. I am alone with him hours and hours and often from morning to night without a break and no car to leave. So when I get stressed or bored I eat. I try to keep all the sweets out of the house because if it's here I will eat it. I really need to rely on God and not chocolate. Stop laughing!!!

I also need to work on my Prayer life. I try to keep a prayer calendar that helps. But God needs more of my time than I give Him. This study has already helped so much. It makes me accountable to spend time in the Word but also in prayer that I might say what God would have me to say.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm not is definitely a problem in my life, too. Stress and heartache can make us stuff things in that we would not eat if we took the time to think. I'm bad about that too. I also need to devote more time to my Lord, who gave ALL for me. I really fail on that one. And while we are confessing, I should say that I fall on my face on pride issues, too, and being judgemental. As if I had so much to be prideful about! LOL I think I need to really be serious about my scripture memory work. Then when I feel Satan pushing me to puff up with pride, or to eat, I can recall a verse, and find something else to occupy my time - I know, quilting!!
Jacque in SC

Tonya said...

Um, shall I say this??? Quilting and blogging...for sure like to steal my time. I have to be careful. I am trying to stay away except at night but that is hard too!

Belinda said...

Did you have to mention food and chocolate? Quilting and blogging? Prayer life. You people are killing me....

Jennifer said...

I have chocolate/junk food issues too. It truly is hard when you are a stay at home mom, and have no interaction with anyone over the age of 8 all day then husband gets home and has used all his words at work! I know that facebook is definitely a distraction along with a game call Farmville! I have to set limits to the game or I would be on there all day!

I don't really have a set prayer time, I kind of keep an ongoing conversation going all day. I also have visual/audio cues that I use to remember to pray for things, such as I can hear the sirens of police, ambulance and/or firetruck, I stop and pray for protection for them. If I see any of them then I pray over them. When I pass the VFW it reminds me to pray for those that have served our country, those that are currently serving and those families that have made the ultimate sacrifice loss of a loved one. Passing schools I pray for the kids, teachers, administrators etc. The construction cones remind me to pray for those working on the road and that drivers are alert. You get the idea.

Tonya said...

I played Farmville when I was pregnant and in bed most of the time. It is addictive. I still like to hop on Pogo but my true computer addiction is to blogs now.

I love your idea of visual prayer reminders! I am going to have to try to remember that. I may need to make a list at first.

Belinda said...

Ooh, visual reminders...BRILLIANT!

Linda said...

For me Verse 33 really says it all. "Those who listen to Me will be secure and will live at ease without dread of disaster". How simple that sounds! What is not so simple is All the temptations that live among us, in us, around us! Evil and sin surround us. Greed and Envy are two biggies! It is incredibly difficult to not sin daily, I think. I try to be a good christian too but I fail. I am judgemental and critical of others. I need to turn around those thoughts because often times If I do think before judging someone, I know I have done the same thing or been in a sticky situation at one time or another. Oh and don't even get me started with food addictions! I am a sugar addict! Cake, cookies, donuts, etc.... There I said it, I admitted it in words! Jeeze, that was hard to do :/
OH and lastly. The visual clues for prayer is a Terrific Idea. I usually do pray when I hear sirens too but to think of all the other visual clues as an opportunity to pray for those in need is just super. You know this kinds brings back a memory of my Great Grandmother who use to make the sign of the cross any time we passed a church. I thought it was just a sign of respect. Ever since then I do this too but I never asked her why she did it. I guess she was praying :)