Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 1: Proverbs 1:1-7

Read Proverbs 1: 1-7.

Right here in the beginning Solomon gives quite a few reasons for his writing of Proverbs. List these reasons in your journal. Do any of these reasons relate to you? Put a star by them or circle them.

Let's take a look at the reasons verse by verse. Read each verse again and look at the corresponding note matching each one below:

Verse 2)  I could certainly stand to have more wisdom in my life, how about you? Remember from yesterday, we are talking about the kind of wisdom that comes from God, not man.

Verse 3) To receive you take instruction as you should? Or do you rebel against it...thinking that you don't need it? Do you get angry and throw a fit, or do you take it humbly. Do you get your feelings hurt? (I do. I am a sensitive person and I have to work hard on not getting my feelings hurt.) When you teach your children something, it is because you want them to learn and not make mistakes. God wants the same for us. He just wants to help!

Verse 4) I am one of these people that have the tendency to be naive. Now I believe there are things in this world that it is good to be naive about. But I need the wisdom of God to keep me out of sticky situations. Also in verse 4; Proverbs is a very good book for young people to study. Teenage years are very hard...even in Solomon's time. Teens seem to find plenty of ways to get into sticky situations!

5) Notice the passage said a wise man will "hear". That means "be quiet and listen". Are you a good listener--especially to your elders?

6) I giggled when I was typing this. I keep seeing some scenes from Kung Fu Panda in my head. At first Panda just did NOT 'get it'. Over time he found wisdom and was able to understand the riddles of his teacher. Is the Bible a riddle to you? Open up your heart so that you might understand it better.

Verse 7 is my choice for my VERSE of the DAY.  Do you understand what it means to have a Fear of the Lord? This verse is confusing for many people. Isn't God supposed to be a loving God? Then what is this Fear that the Bible talks about? Should we be afraid of God? Let's discuss this today in the comments section...What are your thoughts on this verse?


Belinda said...

As I understand it, "fear" of the Lord means a reverence and an awe. An understanding that He is GOD. The "fools" we read about are those who reject His will. Not only those who refuse to accept Him but even we Christians who are disobedient.

Your mention of "sticky situations" struck a cord with me. I too tend to be naive. I just don't see things clearly sometimes and as a result, wind up making a mess of things.

Tonya said...

I think sometimes we forget to show God reverence. I had a pastor one time that would reprimand any youth that he heard say "Awesome". He said that word should be reserved for God alone as nothing else compares to the awesomeness of God.

Mariliz said...

I think the fear refers to being disobedient and rebellious. Or those who deny him. He wants to forgive us our sins, but we must come to him and repent and live righteously.

Tonya said...

There is a sad belief today that all paths lead to Heaven. This is not true! "I AM the way....No one gets to the FAther except thru ME" or EVERY knee shall bow to CHRIST according to Rom 14:11 and Phil 2:10.

God is the great I AM. Not Allah. Not Buddah. He is not a prophet.

I don't like fire and brimstone sermons that scare people into accepting Christ into their life because God is a God of love as well. But, God cannot be in the presence of sin. If we don't have that Covering (Jesus), then when we die, God has no choice but to put us in eternal separation from Him.

Belinda said...

Exactly!!! And we often forget that OUR sin can separate us from having a close relationship with God. He can't look upon sin, so if we are living in sin, he doesn't hear(answer) our prayers.
The verse about "The Way the Truth and the Life" is one of my favorites. It's so sad that so many are mislead.

Jennifer said...

I am just learning what it means to fear God. I like most think why should we fear God, he is loving and is our rock and fortress. When I looked up fear in the dictionary on of the definitions is to have reverential awe of. Of course I looked up reverential/reverence- which is a deep respect and a gesture indicative of deep respect, a bow or curtsy. I also have trouble with the riddles of the bible, so I am thankful for others that can help me solve them!

Tonya said...

Looking up those words were a great idea because 'having a reverential awe of' is the perfect way to define it!

Anytime you have a riddle just ask...this is going to be nice for a lot of us to share our thoughts, concerns, etc.

Linda said...

I know you guys are way past this but i'm just getting here today. I'll catch up soon :) In regards to fear of God. I did as a kid. I was taught to fear him when you sin or even just thinking of sin. You will be punished if you don't obey Him. I carried a lot of fear as a kid! Still do in many ways. As an adult I don't Fear God as much but more and more I fear what I haven't really learned. I hope to gain some better knowledge and less fear of what God has in store for us all.
(It's funny how this relates to the 52 Lists, week 6. It talks about what things you need to let of. #1Fear)

Tonya said...

Linda, Welcome back!
I hope that you will learn not to Fear God so much as to respect Him through this study. And that you will learn that He is more loving than anything!! So sad that you grew up knowing God as something to fear instead of Someone loving!
Please, ask any questions that you would like!!

Belinda said...

So glad to see your post Linda!! I too hope you will see that God is love and that He forgives all our sin if we accept His Son. Proverbs is such a wonderful tool to steer us away from it!!

Tonya said...

I was thinking on this as I rocked the little guy to sleep just now, and the thought came to me...Linda you have a better understanding of the true fear of God than many people! Romans 3:23 says "The wages of sin is death". Meaning our payment for sinning is death--or eternal separation from God in Hell. I just wish that as a child you had learned the second part of that verse. "But the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord".

Yes, sin will be punished, but God gave us a gift (Jesus) to save us from that punishment. Of course, gifts have to be accepted. They can sit and sit and sit until we reach out, open them, and accept them. This is where many get confused. Jesus has to be accepted as a gift from God. He has been given by God to everyone...but only a few accept Him.

I am always here to answer questions.

Linda said...

Thank you Ladies! You are truly uplifting. This Bible study has come a good time for me. I NEEDED this. Sometimes my life got so hectic that something as simple as prayer or devotions got put aside. I am blessed to have this time to reflect and Learn with all of you :)

"I'm not lucky, I'm blessed, Yes."

This is a quote from a song by Nicki Minaj. Not that I recommend her music because it is super weird and not my taste at all (and you have to give credit where credit is due so the music police don't come chase me down), but this One Line is how I feel a great deal of the time.... Blessed!