Thursday, July 7, 2011

Proverbs 1: 8-19

Before we begin our Bible study today, I am curious, have any of you tried the ideas under the Prayer tab up top? What are some Adorations that we can begin our prayers with today? After yesterday's conversation about the Fear of God, I thought it might be interesting to list some Adorations to God in our comments today. Just one word descriptions, or whatever you would like.

Read Proverbs 1:8-19.

Verses 8-9 really stand out to me in a couple of ways. 

First, the passage basically says to listen to your parents. It doesn't say listen to your parents only when you are children. Always listen to your parents. In my own life, my father has chosen not to be a part of my life. While I have given up ever trying to be a part of his life; if he should ever want me to be a part of it again, I know that I need to be respectful to him and listen to him. 

Secondly, this passage is a reminder to me that my children will always be learning from me no matter their ages. My 21 year old still seems to need me just as much as my 18 month old. I need to always be lovingly teaching my children to take the right path in life. 

Verses 10-19 are so very true! Were you ever one that fell to peer pressure as a teen? I actually never did. I was the 'odd' one in class that if the teacher left the room and all the other kids were cutting up, I would just hide my nose in a book and ignore all around me. There was no way you'd catch me doing something wrong! (I really was extreme in this...I never talked in class or anything. Don't worry...I had enough OTHER problems that I dealt with. This was just not one of them.)

I know someone that I deeply care for that really struggles with falling into peer pressure. He has a meth addiction and has spent a good part of his adult life in prison. I have tried to help him when I can and when he is ready and trying to be helped. One time he lived with us on house arrest. His sentence was for 6 months. He had a job, he helped me around the house, he was doing so well. His probation officer was proud of him even. One day when I drove him to his weekly visit to the probation office he ran into one of his old so-called 'buddies'. I knew that right then and there was the end of his 'being good'. It was just one month from freedom from house arrest, yet he and this 'buddy' got into trouble and were on the run again. Within a month after seeing his 'buddy' this person that I cared for was back in prison. He was so close. If only he would have heeded these verses! If only he would not let sinners entice him. If only he would realize that their feet run to evil. Sadly, as time went on...he became the one that would run to evil and entice others. We have not spoken for 3 years. He knows where to find me when he's ready though. 

My verse of the day is Verse 8. 

In your personal prayer time today, ask God to help you teach your children to take the correct path in life. (No matter what their ages are.) Pray that they not be enticed by choices that look enticing but only lead to destruction.


Belinda said...

Adoration of a God who is...
Merciful, Loving, Forgiving, Holy, Worthy of Adoration, True and Just, All Knowing, Jealous, Generous, Worthy of Praise and Adoration...I could go on. Anyone who truly "fears" God could continue to find words of love and adoration for a God who is so good to us.

I too was the "good girl" most of the time. Once I was staying overnight with a friend. There were four of us and the others wanted to slip out of the house after her parents went to bed. I actually called my mother and told her what we were going to do. If we got caught, I didn't want to be in "trouble". I'm not saying I never did anything wrong, but for the most part, if it was something I might get in trouble for, I usually didn't participate. It was fear that motivated me, not a desire to be good. :/

My children (who are 32 and 27) still ask me for advice and look to my husband and me for guidance. I have to pay attention to my actions and words, so that I don't lead them in the wrong direction. And I pray daily for them to make good choices in life.

Tonya said...

One of my favorite words for God is Abba (translation is Daddy). When times are tough I know that I can call on my Abba Father and he will never fail me.

Anonymous said...

Adoration of God, who extends mercy and trust to me even after I continually fail him, who desires my companionship even though I am a sinner, who daily sanctifies me so that I can try again to emulate his Son. When I think of the awesome love He shows us, and how undeserving I am, I swerve back and forth between joy and humiliation.
Hubby and I still try to offer guidance when asked, to our 31 year old son and our 23 year old daughter. How I would love to be asked by our 25 year old son! But that is a story for another day!
These verses are still true in daily life for us; as sales reps we come in contact with some "good guys" and some "bad guys" and we must strive to be an example, not to be influenced. Thanks, Tonya, for a thoughtful study today.
Jacque in SC

Tonya said...

Do you find it easier to be influenced to do wrong by the 'good guys' than by the 'bad guys'. I do.

Likewise, am I someone that would cause a fellow Christian to stumble rather than lift them up? I do great with the non-Christians. But the Christians are just alot harder to me. We are naturally judgmental of each other even though we shouldn't be.

This was kind of off topic but Jacque's comment made me ponder how I influence those around me.

Belinda said...

I never thought about bad influence by good people. That is very interesting Tonya. And I believe I am more by the good. Oops.