Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Proverbs 3: 21-26

Read Proverbs 3: 21-22

It is interesting that this passage says that wisdom and discretion is life to your soul and an adornment to your neck. (NASV).

 I am going to go completely off topic here because when I read this my mind did some skipping around. It was one of those one thought led to another, that led to another moments. Yet, it seems a good point to bring up even if it has nothing to do with the passage. Do you wear a cross around your neck? Do you wear a Jesus fish on your bumper? When you are doing that, what are you saying to people. Does that cross really mean something to you? There are many many people in the world that wear crosses anymore. I assure you...most give no thought to God on a daily basis. But do you, when you put that cross around your neck? What does it really mean to you? Just a little rhetorical question there. Back to the passage...

Read verses 23-24. This passage is a principle, not a promise.(Have I said that too many times? I am sorry.) You are not guaranteed no night mares if you seek the wisdom of God. What do you think will happen though? (Concerning your sleep at night?)

Read verses 25-26. You will be afraid. You are human. But, it is so much easier facing that fear with the knowledge of God carrying you through it. I have ready of many believers that while they were tortured for their faith in their Savior, they stood there and quoted Bible verse after Bible verse. With a smile on their face. I pray that the day never comes that we will have to face martyrdom for our faith here in America. But I fear that is much closer than we realize. We need to be prepared with God's wisdom in our heart. And in our children's and grandchildren's hearts. Our world is getting worse and worse. The onslaught of the wicked will come. (verse 25). I am not sure that our children will be graced with the freedom's that we have now.

I think I would like to stop here today, and close with that thought. Please, as you go about your daily tasks, be in prayer for wisdom for yourselves and your offspring to deal with the unknown of the future. Don't be afraid of it. Remember, we have to trust God and lean on HIS understanding. Just pray and take steps to help you be prepared.


Belinda said...

I do wear a cross and I love it.
Once my father saw a cross around my neck and he shared with me the opinion of his pastor about wearing them. The pastor told the congregation that the cross was an ugly, horrible thing, and no one should wear one around their neck. I don't normally have a quick answer for things like that, but I did that day. I told my Dad that to me, the cross was beautiful. It is a symbol of the sacrifice Christ made for me, and the love it was made with. It seemed to open my Dad's eyes to a different perspective and he never mentioned it again. I believe that anyone wearing a cross, should behave in a manner that reflects it.

On the possible coming trouble for our country and children, I've been burdened to pray for our country and leaders. I've been asking God to turn us back to Him as a country, and for our leaders to be convicted to make decisions based on what God desires and not what they desire. In my opinion we've already lost some freedoms that I won't mention here, and we desperately need to be praying about this.

I chose verse 26 as my verse for the day. I believe part b is not that we won't get caught up in the troubles of this world, but that we won't get caught up in being worldly in dealing with those troubles.

Tonya said...

I love the quick comeback you had for your must have been Spirit led!

About our husband felt convicted to write a song about 2 Corinthians 7:14 several years ago. That song just goes over and over in my head about our country. We as Christians need to get on our knees and ask forgiveness for allowing this to happen!!!