Friday, July 1, 2011

How do you study?

When you open your Bible to study it,
do you come armed with pens, pencils, highlighters and a notebook?

Or do you approach your Bible with white gloves and fear of wrinkling a page?

I am a 'semi-marking' person. I like to mark verses that mean something to me.
But, I am not good about marking it as much as I'd like. 
I have read stories about people losing their mother, 
and then picking up her Bible and finding marks, notes, prayers, etc.--
and those markings being the most precious gift that she left her children.
Her Bible allowed them to see a glimpse into her heart.

So for this study I am going to try to work harder at putting away my white gloves,
and making my Bible what it should be---
my most important personal possession. 
When someday I am entering the pearly gates,
I want my children to be holding my Bible in their hands.
 And I want it to bless them. 


Linda said...

I love that idea of leaving little notes in there! I don't highlight or mark it up. For me I just pick it up open to whatever page and just read until I am satisfied. For this bible study I have a cute post it pad that I am using for the readings. I write down the thoughts for that reading. They will probably live in there forever :)

Marcia Wachuta said...

As I get older(I am 53), I think about others going thru' my stuff and wondering what I thought or why I saved something. I like the idea of writing notes in my Bible - Maybe even putting post-it-notes in them, if someone felt like they couldn't write in their Bible.

When my Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, He wrote us a family letter. I haven't thought about it in quite sometime. I will have to find it and read it again. Thru' this letter, we know what he was thinking... but he always told us how much he loved us and he taught us to enjoy life! He would sing a lot!

I like the idea of writing something down for ourselves and for others in our lives...

Belinda said...

I used to be a white glove girl. But in the last 8 years or so, I've decided the gloves are coming off. I have things written in my Bible, but not enough of them. I like the highlighter idea very much. When something in there touches me, I am going to start highlighting it! And if I have something to say about it, a pen will be on hand to use.
I like this post! It reminded me that we are to "study" His word, and that means taking notes just like in school. :)