Thursday, July 28, 2011

Proverbs 5:1-14

Adultery. Adultery is discussed often in the Bible. Old and New Testament. Many might argue that my husband and I are adulterous as we are divorced and remarried. Now don't be getting shocked and don't try to argue that point one way or another as you would need to 'know your stuff' and that subject will come up someday in the right context.(Because we are all going to be studying right here on this blog together until Jesus comes and someday we'll get through the whole Bible and divorce/remarriage will come up at the right time.)  This passage that we are reading today is for sure talking prostitute.

I am pretty sure that everyone reading this passage with me today isn't caught up in prostitution. Yet with it discussed so often in the Bible...and in the Ten Commandments...then I think it must be a very important subject. Looking at society today, I'd say that it probably is an important subject that needs to be taught to our youth. Prostitution is available everywhere. Please don't be afraid to discuss these matters with your teens. The best way to approach it? A Bible study of Proverbs of course. That is why I like Proverbs so much. There is something there for everyone. (Although I could do without the drippy faucet verse. Don't know what I am talking about? We will get there...)

When you read Proverbs 5:1-14, pay special attention to verses 11-14. What words of depression and utter devastation these are! Yet it all could have been avoided how? (vs 13).


Belinda said...

As with everything in the Bible, verses are literal and figurative. I don't think we realize that anytime we put anything before God, we are committing adultery. God often uses this term when talking about our lack of faith and commitment to Him.

And having intimate relations with anyone other than your spouse is adultery. So, out of wedlock relations could also be classified as adultery.

The results in these verses are scary. So often our desire for instant gratification leads to terrible consequences. And even though we sometimes try to justify it by saying "It's hurting no one else", we are just fooling ourselves. At the very least, we jeopardize our health, and at most it grieves our Lord doesn't it?

(Tonya, I do not judge divorce and remarriage. It happens to the best of us, my daughter included.)

Cyndi said...

Judge not lest you be judged (Matt 7:1). That is my motto.

Wow... these are good verses. I don't want to be in public disgrace. God looks on our hearts. God, keep my mind pure. Although I don't have a problem with "adultery", and I don't even look at ANY man (even movie stars) like that, that could change at any moment. Only thru prayer can we keep our thoughts pure.

Again I say Judge not lest you be judged.

Anonymous said...

I like what Belinda said, above...I think, too, that these verses are both literal and metaphorical. There are habits and pleasures that seem so attractive and appealing, but that we definitely should not indulge in; we need to be on our guards so that we don't put these things ahead of our determination to keep in the right path, and seek Him.
I agree with Cyndi, too, for I have absolutely no desire to even look at another guy; my hubby is all the world to me. But we are all human, and that could be where I fail someday!
By the way, just because I don't always comment, doesn't mean that I am not here! Sometimes all the time that I can grab is the time to pray and read, and leaving a comment gets interrupted by a customer call!
Thanks for being here for me!
Jacque in SC