Sunday, July 3, 2011

Final preperations

We begin on Tuesday!
Just a couple of last thoughts before we begin...

If you truly want to get everything you can out of this study, then:

  • Pray before you begin! If prayer is hard for you, then just try the best you can. In fact, this reminds me, I have a way that I use when I am praying that will help. I'll try to post it on a page before the end of the weekend. 
  • Grab a journal or notebook to jot thoughts or even prayers. Some people do better praying by way of writing letters to God. I am not so good at that as I am not a journal kind of person, but I do like to jot down thoughts or things that I might want to look up later. I also will have some thought questions you might want to answer on paper.
  • Have some note cards ready. Or post it notes. Jot down verses that you would like to memorize. Another thing that I like to do is pick a verse of the day from whatever passage I read that day. I jot that verse down on a sticky note then put it somewhere where I can look at it all day. The next day I pick a different verse. For a while I even texted my verse of the day to a whole bunch of people. I might start doing that again. I think it is fun to select them!
  • Finally, clear some time. Don't just read through this study as you do your other blogs. Pop it out of your reader and save it for some time when you are alone, phones are shut off, and the house is quiet. I know this is very hard to find this silent time. Mine is about 11 p.m. every night after everyone is in bed. I take a nap during the day so that I will be awake enough for my Bible study time. Do what works for you. Many people prefer early morning study. 

These will be very small and easy to do quiet moments each day. So no worries there! Meet me here Tuesday morning, armed with your Sword and ready!


Belinda said...

Love the post it notes for the verse of the day!! I've written prayers to God before and it helps me keep on the subject. I really need to start doing that again. And taking a nap so I can stay up and do my Bible study??? Ohh what a wonderful reason to nap!!

Mariliz said...

I love the texting a verse idea. : )