Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Proverbs 2:6-19

Begin by reading Proverbs 2: 6-11.

Yesterday we discussed treasures; and how the wisdom of God is a treasure. According to these verses, how should we begin this Great Treasure Hunt of Wisdom?

Now read Proverbs 2: 12-19. 

Today I want you to make a little drawing in your journal. Now, I can't draw a thing, so don't worry if you can't either. No one is going to see it unless you decide to share it. Draw a path with a stick person reading a sign that says, "The Way of Evil". Now, along the path either draw or write the things your little stick person would come across if they walked the path. Just go verse by verse to find them. For instance, starting in verse 12, there is "The man who speaks perverse things". (your version of Bible may say it differently). I looked up the word 'perverse' in an online dictionary and then on my path I wrote ' Unacceptable speech and language'. 

Just follow the passage, verse by verse,  and draw out 'The way of Evil". After you are finished, get a red pen or marker and circle some things along the path that you need Wisdom to help protect you from. Really ponder these things. For instance, verse 15 talks about someone being devious. Don't just think Dr Doofenschmirtz here! (He is the evil villain on the the tv cartoon Phineas and Ferb. I love this cartoon for some reason! When I think devious he comes to mind.) Aren't there many ways of being devious? Lying? Twisting words around? Gossiping which can hurt others? I am sure there are other stops along the path that we can ponder a bit more deeply to see if we can relate to them.

Tomorrow we will discuss verses 16-19 in more detail. 

My verse of the day is Proverbs 2:7. 

Today in the comments we will move on to the "T" part of our ACTS prayer helps. "T" for THANKSGIVING. What are you thankful for today? List 10 things if you can. One for each finger. Then as you go throughout the day remember to Praise God for these things. 


Jennifer said...

1. Family
2. Home
3. Those that are serving our country
4. Jobs
5. Church family
6. Health
7. Friends
8. The paths NOT taken
9. God's love and grace
10. Choosing to be a child of GOD!

Belinda said...

1. My Salvation
2. My loving family
3. My (our) reasonable good health
4. All my needs are met
5. The privilege of being a stay at home wife
6.Being able to worship as I choose without fear of persecution
7. The privilege of owning a Bible
8. Online friends and social interaction such as this Bible study
9. Living close enough to be able to keep my grandson three days a week
10. The abilities and talents God has gifted me with.
There are sooo many more things to be listed. God is so good.

Cyndi said...

1. Family (our 4 and more)
2. Friends
3. Church family
4. God's word
5. God's protection
6. God's love
7. God's forgiveness
8. Our home
9. God's provision
(not in that order)

Mariliz said...

1. My relationship with God
2. My family
3. My home
4. My friends (online and off)
5. Being able to be a homemaker for my husband and sons
6. My health
7. The freedoms that come by living in the United States.
8. Coffee in the morning
9. Water that is safe and clean
10. Bountiful food.

Tonya said...

Sorry I am slow to comment ladies. Had some bank problems to deal with. Someone got my debit card number and was charging a whole lot of dish network services on it. (of all things...isn't that crazy? If you are going to steal a card number...) Anyway I have a long day of looking over all transactions for the last month tomorrow so I may be a bit slow to answer then too.

These are not in any order. I thought of them throughout the day and I am just typing as they come back to mind...
1) a very forgiving God...um see number 2
2) a God fearing husband (finally!)
3) 3 wonderful kids despite the confusing life they have had to lead at times
4) the internet. My blog family is the only extended family I have ever had and I love having them!
5) The woods...I love them so much
6) Being able to stay home all day
7) Naps.
8) The ability to read my Bible, go to church, sing worship songs, homeschool my kids--freedom
9) Books
10) Being able to walk again! And the opportunity to appreciate it more than I used to.