Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Proverbs 2:16-19

Today we are going to focus on Chapter 2 verses 16-19. So take a moment to re-read them now.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read these verses? A prostitute?  Yes, of course, especially considering verse 16.  But hold up a moment! Read verse 17. Have you made a commitment to follow God in the past? Did you make Jesus LORD of your life? Did you allow Him to REMAIN Lord of your life in it's entirety? OUCH. There goes the bruised toes again. How many times have you taken the driver seat, instead of allowing your Lord to direct your path? Believe me. I am ashamed at how often I have failed to let Him be Lord above all.

Verse 19 gives us yet another thing to ponder today. It says that those that go to this woman will not find the Paths of Life. I wonder, do I show others the Path of Life? Or does my life lead them wondering around aimlessly? Some of us were discussing in the comment section last week how it is hard for us to be bold in telling others about Christ. I thought about that conversation all weekend and it led me to share an example. Now before I share, I do hope that I don't sound judgmental. I don't know the background of the person that I am going to mention, so who knows where she is coming from. So, please understand, I am merely using her as an example.

A bit over a year ago we moved into our duplex. It was a 350 mile move, so we knew no one in this town. We live in a rather nice neighborhood that just happens to have two duplexes here together that face each other. We live in one of those duplexes.  Not long after we moved, my husband was outside working in the yard and our neighbor that shares our duplex came home from work. (Oh, let me back up a moment. This is a prison town. It is a rather small community with two very large state prisons side by side. Almost everyone works for the state. Out of the four residences here in our duplexes 3 of us make a living by working at the prison. The other couple is retired.) Jerry tried to ask her a question and she literally ran into her garage and shut the door--completely treating him like he's a plague or something! Over time I tried many times to talk to her; she ran every time. Finally a year ago on Fourth of July, she had some company over for a few minutes. Her lady friend was very friendly, invited me to the local fireworks show, and together we struck up a conversation about church. My neighbor joined in. Turns out that she is a Christian, who loves her church family. She tries to schedule her days off around church activities. 

Today, a year later, we still have yet to speak to each other more than a handful of times. If she sees us she runs the other direction. When she passes Jerry in the halls at work, she turns her head and pretends not to see him to keep from acknowledging him. Yet--we share a house!!!! We know it can't be anything we have done, as it has been that way since we moved in. And we know to pray for her because obviously she is a very shy person.

I have to ask though...What if we weren't Christians? How would she look to us..knowing that she goes to church and professes to be a Christian? Would that make me want what she has??

Why tell you this story? Not for us to judge her. I don't know what brought her to this point. That is between her and God. You certainly may pray for her if you would like! Forget about her now, though, and look at your own life. When someone meets you do you show them the Path to Christ, or are you so shy about it that there is no possible way that they will ever find Christ through you? In your Christian walk are you just here for the fellowship, or here to point others the way to Salvation?

Let's not be so quick to judge the prostitute in these verses. I think all of us might have some of the very same sins in our life. 

My Verse of the Day is Proverbs 2:17. I do not want to abandon the God of my youth. 

For our discussion today we will talk about the last letter of our prayer acronym. "S" for Supplication. List one thing that you are praying for that you don't mind sharing.


Tonya said...

I am up very is almost 2 a.m. so this will be very short. I will comment more later.

We need to be in prayer for Marcia's mother. Marcia follows this study when she can but her mother has a brain tumor and is having surgery on Thursday. Also, another quilting friend, Gene lost his father last weekend and now is having some medical complications himself. There are so many more...but these are on my mind now at 2 a.m.

Belinda said...

I will certainly pray for these two issues.
My requests are:

A relative of mine was laid to rest yesterday. Hers is a very close family, and they will need the comfort only God can give.

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely have these on my list as I pray. I didn't get to post yesterday, but there are so many things I am thankful for - when I have insomnia I lie there and thank the Lord for my blessings, and pray for other people.
I was struck by the words of these verses..."strange" as used here is different from what we think in our time. This woman has "estranged" herself from the God of her youth, and of the covenant. She has distanced herself from reason, virtue and honour. Your example makes me think again of how I might daily work to show Christ to others, and be faithful to Him.
Please pray for my son Tyler if you can, that God will change his heart and he will want to contact us.
Jacque in SC

Jennifer said...

My prayer is for my mom and in laws that they will come to know Christ. My mom sent me to a Christian school, we went to church as kids, but for some reason she stopped going. I have invited her several times and she said church makes her emotional. My in laws not sure why they don't go, my father in law usually works on Sundays but my mother in law doesn't.

Belinda said...

I have added these to my prayer list.
And I have a request...
A good friend of mine has a daughter who overcame abdominal cancer a couple of years ago. In the process, she lost an unborn baby, and a husband. She is now remarried and expecting, (a miracle) and her baby is only 26 weeks along. Her water broke yesterday, and she is on bed rest in the hospital until the baby is born. Please help me pray that she is able to hold on to the baby boy long enough to give him time to mature enough to survive and that she is comfortable and not worried.
Her name is Elissa. Thank you all.