Friday, August 19, 2011

Proverbs 10:1-32

This weekend we are going to study a bit more than we normally do--but we have 3 days to do it in so it shouldn't be too hard to get finished.

There are just so many things to learn in these verses. For the most part this passage is dealing with our big mouths! Does your mouth get you into trouble? I am not a 'big mouth' kind of person. I am not loud or boisterous...but that doesn't mean my mouth can't get me into a world of trouble.

I had to think about several things as I read these verses; here are some that stand out at me...there are many more! Please take the time this weekend to really contemplate these verses.

1) Am I diligent? (vs 4-5)
2) Do I receive instruction meekly and without complaint? (vs 8;17)
3) Do I have integrity? (vs 9)
4) Do I have hate in my heart for anyone? (vs 12;18)
5) Am I a blabber mouth or do I listen when I should? (vs 19)
6) When I do speak, is there purpose behind what I speak? (vs 31-32)

A couple of other points for discussion. For all practical purposes...our family is labelled close to the 'poor' end on the USA tax chart. Of course, we don't see ourselves as poor at all. We each have a computer, we have the internet, we have a car. We have meals on our table and a roof over our head. Still, we cannot own many things that a lot of other Americans own such as two cars, satellite,  department store clothing, etc. So, what about verses 4, or 15? Is it our fault that we are low on the pay scale?

Ok--can't say much more--we have some big storms here and the power keeps flickering. I need to get off the internet and unplug. We can discuss more this weekend. (except Sunday--I don't get on the computer on Sundays.)


Belinda said...

I'll do as you say and really think about these verses. Then if my mouth has a purpose in what I say. *grin* I'll come back and comment. Everyone have a good weekend!

Snoodles said...

Wow, this chapter is packed with nuggets that we need to think about! I've often thought about those verses that you mentioned....we are not well off either. In fact our daughter was shocked to see our income on her paperwork for her college scholarships! LOL But we work diligently, and we have the things that we truly need - transportation, food, shelter, and clothing (and of course each other and the love of God). We may not have the latest and greatest of things, but that has never been important to us. I'll try to check back this weekend and see what's being discussed!

Tonya said...

This chapter is very packed and is a great one for weekend contemplation. I could have said so much more but was trying to beat the storm--which I barely did! But, maybe that is a good thing, so that each can think on things within themselves this weekend.

Belinda said...

Ok. First, Tonya, I agree with you that the thing that hits me most are the verses about mouths. I am not a boisterous person either, and never add ugly talk to a heated situation. But even in trying to be kind and helpful, I say things that are unwise. For example...Ugh, I hate to tell siblings and I still haven't divided up all my mother's furnishings since her passing in January. For some odd reason, (maybe since I'm the eldest) I've been trying to smooth the others feelings, coordinate a gathering to do the dividing, and basically defend everyone to everyone else. All my nice, kind, helpful words are still making some of them uncomfortable, and my words are sometimes taken differently than I mean them. After a very uncomfortable week, I've decided to basically shut up. I won't be causing any ill feelings if I don't say anything. ;)

Second, when we read verse 22, we might have a tendency to think the word "rich" means monetary wealth. And it looks like even though we are all trying to follow God's will, we are not wealthy. My family has never had the money to buy all the latest gadgets, remodel our home like a magazine spread, or go on fancy expensive vacations every year. But we have what we need. I think "rich" in this verse, means "in the Lord and in the Spirit" and not "in the world". Do you all think this is what it means?

Tonya said...

On the rich man/poor man subject; vs 15 is perhaps the strongest against the 'poor' but if we go on to read verse 16 we see that it is most certainly not talking about monetary gain.

And verse 22 really stands out to me as being rich in the Lord.

I shared up in the post that we don't have a lot of possessions that others might have here in America. Yet we do have so much more than other people do. Although we have established these verses are not dealing with monetary type possessions I want to point out how true I have felt these to be in my life. I grew up rich. Well my dad and his wife are rich. I mean really rich. And it is also one of the most dysfunctional and unhappy households that I have ever seen. It is one of those 'if the walls could speak' situations because what goes on behind closed doors (or at least did when I was growing up)was hidden from the world. But it has caused me to just hate the thought of being rich in worldly goods. Ya, I want stuff...but I don't want it that bad. I'll take my humble, happy home where we more easily see God's blessings.