Thursday, August 18, 2011

Proverbs 9: 13-18

Today we read about the 'woman of folly'.

How is she similar to the adulterous woman and the harlot? Is she one and the same?

I had to chuckle at verse 17. In our household we have these little trolls. They are always doing bad things like making chocolate show up in our shopping bags while we are at the store. So many foods are on the 'bad' list at our house that other people consider normal everyday foods. But, really, after doing the research we believe that these foods truly are bad for us and shouldn't be consumed. So they shouldn't be a joking matter. But because these foods are on the 'bad' list...they seem so yummy when we eat them.

Kind of like sin, huh? Seems sweet at the time but it has horrible consequences!


Belinda said...

Looks like the fruit of listening to both women is the same. According to verse 18, it sounds like he/she who listens and succumbs to her "sweet" talk, winds up in a hell of their own making.

Tonya said...

Why are us humans always doing that? Making our own miserable mess of things?

Praise the Lord that God can help us out of that mess of our own making!

Snoodles said...

I think it is interesting how Solomon shows the appeal of the sin (kinda like bait) and then in verse 18 he reveals the hook. He tells what the consequences are.
I know people who are having to deal with some difficult consequences right now, for things that seemed appealing in the past. I'm so glad that God can separate us from our forgiven sin, like east is from west!