Friday, August 5, 2011

Proverbs 6: 20-35

Your Bible study host is feeling very under the weather, and so is her little guy. So this will be quick this time--for which I am truly sorry. But that is is YOUR turn. What would YOU say about these verses? You have all weekend to ponder and comment. I am sure that I will comment more as well, so please subscribe to the comments. (I'll wait til I am not strung out on Nyquil though :O)

I would like to draw attention to verses 27 and 28. These verses really stood out to me. There are so many things that we can dapple in...just sticking our toe in to test the water so to speak. If we read that book about (dare I say it?) vampires, or witches, or wizards...did you know that is the same as doing the act? Another modern time media. It is so easy to fall into relationships with the opposite sex using things like fb, blogs, etc. At first it can be a simple striking up an old friendship, but I have seen it become well more than that. 

The world is full of traps. We all need to be very diligent to be careful not to snag ourselves in them.

I am finding so many verses to jot down during this many things to commit to heart. How about you?


Belinda said...

I will ponder these verses more over the weekend, but one that stood out to me was 23. I never considered a commandment a light to show me the way. I just considered it a demand from my Lord. (And He is all authority and has every right to demand anything He wants!)

I also never considered that reading about something is the same as acting on it. I'll have to ponder that one as well.

I hope you and the little one feel better!!

Mariliz said...

I'm confused! Reading a book is the same as doing the act? When you're feeling better can you explain.

I have a strep throat thing going on being sick is no fun. I hope you both Feel better soon!

Tonya said...

We very much do believe that if you read about Vampires then in God's eyes you are no better than one who drinks the blood. Etc and so on.

In our home, we believe those two verses in Proverbs point to that very strongly. It is the same principle as Matthew 5:28. We think this verse applies to any sin...not just lust. If you think do it.

Everything we do is supposed to be to the Glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31. We certainly fail in this area, but we should at least try! I am completely certain that popular book/movie series' today are the exact OPPOSITE of glorifying God.

Please take the time to read this article. It explains it so much better than I:

(Copy and paste it)

Cyndi said...

I believe (even though I am an adult......and have been most of my life) I should still listen to my parents. They have some sound advice a lot of the time. God give good advice ALL of the time if I just listen. I too love the verse 23 where it says "shines a beam of light to the dark corners of your mind." Thanks God for all the good advice I have gotten. Help me to head to it. :)

Tonya, I will be praying that you guys get well. Have a good weekend.

Mariliz said...

The reason I'm asking, I guess I never thought about it. Than just this week while doing the "Sweeter than chocolate" study by precept ministries. In our books there was an interesting point. She wrote "Every passage of Scripture has ONE Correct interpretation. Let's face it, the author meant to say what he meant to say."

I found that so interesting, she goes on to say that we should not try to interpret it "because the verse has intrinsic meaning."

So its hard, because I guess each person may interpret things differently.

I'm a huge reader and I did read the 1st Twilight book but no other in that series, but I never thought that by reading those book that I am disrespecting God. Its a scary thought.

Belinda said...

I'm afraid there's a whole lot of what I do, that I don't realize dishonors God.
As for one interpretation of scripture, I would agree, and would also add that that interpretation will speak to us personally, as the Holy Spirit wills, (if that makes sense). Some might disagree on that one. But, I do not mean that we can justify our sinful actions, by what WE say that interpretation is. Some folks will take scripture out of context, to justify all sorts of things.

Tonya said...

I am a huge fan of anything by Precept Ministries.

As for interpretation...think back to our earlier studies in Proverbs. We would read a passage and it was talking about prostitutes. Then we would discuss that the principle that was taught in that passage should be applied in other parts of our lives.

I think that this is the same with these verses today in Proverbs and also Matthew 5:28.

We certainly need to remember that we are discussing things that are ALREADY listed as sinful in the Scriptures. We cannot just use these verses to point to something and say it is sinful. As I have said before, everything must be backed by God's Word. I would refer to those verses listed in the article I posted in an above comment. It has the Scriptures needed to back this belief.

Also, there are so many things it can apply to. I was just using the books/media as examples. There are so many things that could be used in their place. One drag of marijuana is like smoking a whole joint. Speeding one time is still speeding. (We have ALL done that one!) Let's see...something closer to what we are discussing. Pornography. Certainly sinful, we all agree. So would it be ok to read a novel about it since we are not actually doing it?

We do need to be careful not to take things out of context. As with anything ANYONE teaches or believes, seek God first on the matter. Don't listen to me. This is just what I believe.

I do find that just as it says in the beginning of Proverbs, the more I learn about God, the closer I get to finding HIS wisdom, the more things I find in my life that are not glorifying to Him. That is the beauty of studying His Word. We will find things that are not glorifying so that we can remove them and become even closer to Him.He doesn't want us to be scared; He just wants us to feel that light in the dark corners of our mind. He wants to illuminate things that we didn't realize so that we can be even closer to Him.

Incidentally--just so you don't think I am pointing a finger, there is a pile of movies now ready for the trash--Sword in the Stone, Bedknobs and Broomsticks,...

Tonya said...

I was a bit nervous that I wasn't saying things in the right way, so I sent an email to hubby asking him to help me. After all, he's the preacher man who has a Masters in something or other having to do with Theological somethings. (LOL....I still never remember what his degree is in).

Anyway I hope you don't mind that I had him look at the comments just to make sure that I am teaching correctly.

Here was his reply to me....I thought It best if I just copy it word for word...

"They are talking about biblical interpretation, and that’s a biggie. Find an opportunity to point out that there is a big difference in meaning and application. Like someone said, what the passage says is exactly what it says and nothing more and it can only mean one thing. I only means what it meant to the author and the people to whom he originally wrote. But there can be multiple applications, as long as they comply with the original meaning. That’s where trouble comes because people effectively say, “What does this mean to me?” That is irrelevant. Determine through study what it means, then rightly apply it to your life."

Hope this helps everyone!

Belinda said...

Yeah. What he said. :P

Mariliz said...

I think it understand now : )