Thursday, August 25, 2011

Proverbs 11:12 - 13 Thumper had it Right!

Hi! My name is Jacque -- tho my blogging friends know me by my nickname, Snoodles! I am honored that Tonya entrusted some of the posts to me, and I hope that you will not find my notes too dull! I am praying that the Lord will guide me, and that His Word will open our hearts to what He wants us to learn.

Read verses 12 and 13 of chapter 11, and then let's think on them....

Ready? Good!

I think these verses go together nicely, because they address almost the same issue. In each verse, there is a negative, and then a positive....first, the negative in verse 12. Solomon mentions a person who "despiseth his neighbor" and says he is lacking in wisdom. Then the positive --- a person of understanding who "holds his peace." 

Hang on, I'll get to Thumper in a minute!

In verse thirteen, he mentions a "talebearer" and then the positive: a person of a "faithful spirit" who conceals a matter. Hmmmm, I think it's time to let Thumper have his say!

You recall Thumper, don't you? In the movie Bambi?  Thumper's mommie has to tell him (pretty often, I think!) that "if you don't have sumpin nice to say, then don't say nothin' at all!"

I think he just summarized these verses for us! God's Word reveals that if we are a person of understanding, and have a faithful spirit, we will not despise our neighbors, or be a talebearer. Instead, we will hold our peace. I kinda get the idea that Solomon's choice of words here: "conceals a matter" doesn't mean we are covering up for someone --- the alternative was to be a talebearer.... I believe that it means that we are not carrying gossip and spreading it around. Whoa! That's a biggie!

One particular verse in the last chapter of Proverbs just popped into my head....verse 26 is what I'll leave for us to think about --- that, and Thumper.
"She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness."
Let me know what you think about these verses. Has the Spirit reminded anyone besides me, of a time when a kind word should have been spoken, or just no words spoken at all?


Belinda said...

This was the topic of our Sunday morning Bible study last Sunday. Is it gossip if it's true? Oh yeah, it sure is. Have we a critical mouth, or do we encourage and edify each other? Even "constructive criticism" is not a good idea unless it's requested.

The old "sticks and stones" saying is so untrue. Words do hurt and they hurt deeply. And sharing someone else's story in the guise of "asking for prayer" isn't acceptable. It's just another way of gossiping unless the owner of the story asks you to share it as a prayer need.

I've learned lately, that I need to stop trying to give advice, and just encourage. Stop trying to fix everyone's problems, and just support them.

"She openeth her mouth with wisdom, and in her tongue is the law of kindness." = Think before I speak....say nice things....don't criticize...keep a the Holy Spirit's leading before I try to offer advice...hmmmm, did I do that yesterday?

Thanks Jacque for a very thought provoking and enlightening post. My toes are now purple. Ouch.

Snoodles said...

Sorry about those toes....I had to step on my own, too! I think we all struggle with this. We just have to ask for grace when we have an epic fail, and determine to do better --- with His help!

Tonya said...

Why do us woman have such a problem keeping our mouth shut? Thumper sure does a lot of damage for such a small rabbit.

Joy said...

Interesting, how sometimes I hear exactly what I need to hear, not only in a Bible study situation, but even in a non-'religious' venue. My daughter struggles with heroin addiction. I spend a lot of time in parent support groups, Alanon and Naranon. I received an acronym in my last meeting for the word "T.H.I.N.K.".

T.H.I.N.K. acronym--is what I am about to say….





and kind?

Greg Laurie once did a message on a similar anacronym,

T – Is it True?
H - Is it Helpful?
I - Is it Inspiring?
N - Is it Necessary?
K – Is it Kind?

I'm thinking my toes are a bit sore today too! Hearing this in my meeting and reading similar thoughts here, has me thinking I need to keep a closer watch over my mouth!


Belinda said...

Joy, I love the acronyms! I need to post that on my bathroom mirror!