Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I just want to thank you all for your understanding and prayers. My husband and I spent hours talking this evening. And it went so nicely. I really feel that it is because we were covered in your prayers. I am getting ready to go to bed early tonight. No blog reading or comment writing.  *grin*  It will be such a nice, relaxing sleep with the knowledge that we will make some changes around our home to help me juggle the things that I need to juggle; and that we have addressed some issues that were bugging me emotionally. I feel like a huge load is just gone from my shoulders.

Tomorrow I have a guest teacher for you! In fact you will see her often over the next week as she is going to give me a little vacation. You will love her and her style. It is completely different than mine and is just wonderful! I will still be here and commenting along. Who is the guest teacher...some of you will know her...some of you won't. But you will all love her. :)

One other note...I know that at least 3 are joining in on our Pilgrims Progress read along. Any others? And is around mid Sept good for all of you to begin or do you need more time?

See ya tomorrow--in the comment section!


Belinda said...

Middle of Sept is good for me. I have to get cracking on buying the book!

I'm so very glad your evening went well. I'm sure the rest will join me in continuing to lift you up in prayer. And a big shout out to your guest teacher!! She rocks. :)

Snoodles said...

Still praying, hon. And thank you for your kind words --- I do hope the ladies aren't put off by my style! Because I work full time, my answers or comments might not come immediately, but I will respond!