Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Proverbs 6: 6-11

Today read Proverbs 6:6-11.

Have you or your kids ever had an ant farm? They are fascinating. We all know that ants are known for working hard. They lift huge loads, they march, march, march all in line. I am not prone to laziness in all areas of my life....but I am prone to laziness in some areas. I'll be the first to admit that quilting and blogs are very distracting to me. 

 Does verse 10 mean that we shouldn't ever rest?  I am not a cat person, so forgive me those that are. But this verse makes me think of cats. How they just lay there, opening an eye and looking at you as if to say, "ok, I'll get up after I have another nap."
 I do remember times in the past where I have gotten too much sleep. Times when I was bored, had nothing to do...(like when I was pregnant and had to be careful how much activity I did), I would feel so horrible if I slept too much. It felt so much better the days that I got up and moved around and did what I could. 

Does verse 11 mean that poor people are lazy? Ummm, no. I have seen wealthy that barely lifted a finger and poor men that worked more than one job just to get by paycheck to paycheck. I think this verse can be both literal and figurative speaking. A lazy person is certainly poor in spirit. They miss out on so much...family time, church time, hobbies. I know of one man that lost his family due to laziness. I'll tell you his story:

This family had a small, humble house out in the country. The house, as any older house did, needed repair work done over the years. But the husband never would lift a hand to do it. Besides mice being in the house, there were other critters as well. At night, you dare not walk across the floor without shoes or you would step on a slug. The walls in the morning were covered in bright, shiny slug slime.All the walls. One morning the wife went into the kitchen to find a nice large snake skin wrapped around the kitchen table legs. All around the outside walls, one could take a flashlight, shine it, and see the ground outside. The back door fell off, so the husband just nailed up some ugly plywood. 

One summer, the husband finally agreed to work on the house. They re-financed and got enough money to fix all the walls, replace floors, put in new carpet and re model the kitchen. The materials arrived in October and the husband stacked them outside. Where they sat all winter under rain and snow. Come April, they still sat. The house worsened, and the wife finally moved out with her children.She just felt like they could no longer live in these circumstances. The insurance company came and condemned the house one day and the husband, rather than fixing the old house, moved into his mothers house. The wife always hoped he would care enough to provide a home for his children, but he never did. 

That was me. I lived in that house. My children never could have friends over; it was too embarrassing and disgusting for all of us. Eventually we divorced and my ex husband still lives at his mother's house. Our home truly was condemned, and when we were divorced some 5 years after the children and I moved out, the house was sold to a construction company and my ex-husband actually had to write them a check. He lost money on the house/property.

Isn't that sad? I think it is so sad for him and for the example he sets for his son. 

Once again, please realize I don't tell my stories for you to judge or for you to sympathize with me. I can now think of ways that maybe I could have prevented this...I could have been more loving, respectful, supportive. But, this is the very best example I could think of when I read these verses. It all is very sad to me...and so very preventable.

Don't let laziness mess up a good thing. Quilting, reading, tv, computer time. They are ok in moderation. But don't let them get in the way of what should come first.

I think I need to go clean something now....


Belinda said...

It pains me to admit, at one time, I was pretty lazy. Lazy with housework, lazy with Bible study, church work... just lazy in general. I still struggle with that. I have to purposely go about doing the things that are required. Yes, it's so very easy to push responsibilities aside and sit down at the computer or sewing machine or with a book. It's much easier to give attention and effort to those things that are more interesting and important to us.

I am a pretty busy person these days. Trying to balance life responsibilities and pleasurable activities. But, if I dwell on the Word, I can keep my path straight and do His will. I can be that ant, carrying a heavier load than you think is possible. Because all things are possible with Christ Jesus!

Ants. They are the bane of our existence here in B Land. They have taken over the yard, and have been diligent in trying to establish a strong hold in my house. It's a constant battle with powders and spray to keep them at bay. Would that I was that determined to take over the world for Christ!

Mariliz said...

I've been dealing with this one. I was spending way too much time on my computer, and that is why I moved it out of sight, and it worked. Now I only go on in the mornings and the rest of the day I do my chores. I'm a visual person so I make a to do list everyday and it is amazing how much I can get done, as long as I don't get distracted.

Tonya said...
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Tonya said...

I think for most of us, we don't mean to be lazy. I think it is a time management thing. I am working pretty hard on it though. I am going to try checking emails in the morning, then again after nap, then again at bedtime. Otherwise I am going to try to not look at the computer except for school purposes. We will see how it goes! My husband, kids, home needs me...
as for those ants...they are determined this year, aren't they?
Let's all work feverishly as the ants do today and see what we get accomplished!

Handmade Crafts Done While RVing Blog said...

Tonya I loved this blog article and loved all the comments to go with it. I have to think hard on this one and I love that challenge. emails - we depend on it for it's our way of making income. But we also fit in all the other stuff and from time to time like Sundays are reminders to the world we must shut down - that's anything but lazy.... the first comment I think fits most hard working Mum's - which is cute because they are the most hard workers of all... Now to think about todays article and pray!! As always Tonya you rock dear friend.... Hugs to the other ladies!!


Cyndi said...

It is SO hard (with my fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis, ect. Not to just lay around. I am always tired and hurting. Belinda like you said, it is with God's help (actually all of Him....not me) that I can get anything done. Thanks God.

Tonya said...

I have done quite well today. We are (No I alone am) working on re-arranging the house. I cleaned my husbands entire room/bathroom, moved two bookcases and all the books, and will hopefully get his desk all moved before bed. Taking a knee break though!
Hey, Cyndi, you need a hobby that gets you out and hiking. Oh wait, you have one! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Wow! Tonya, these are powerful verses, and you are setting quite an example for us! :)
I feel a sudden urge to go do my ironing....yuck! Belinda, you are so right - what if we all were as determined as ants, to witness for Christ? We'd change our world!
Jacque in SC