Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Proverbs 9: 7-12

I am a non-confrontational type person for the most part. I don't like debates, I would never be a good politician or lawyer.

There are times that we need to defend our faith...but there are times that we need to just turn around and walk away.

After reading todays passage, flip to the New Testament and read Matthew 10:14.

Sometimes it is best to just move on. Your time and testimony might be best used elsewhere. Of course we need to remember from yesterday that God invites everyone as does Wisdom....some just don't want the invitation. That always makes me sad.


Belinda said...

I'm the same way Tonya. I hate confrontation and will avoid it at all cost.

I have an old friend who is going through a valley right now. Her husband was fired from his paid position at their church and she is very bitter. A problem, and a probable reason for his termination, is what she says on her blog. Others have told her this, but she has taken a firm stand on being of the opinion that she should be able to say what she wants. Anytime anyone tries to impart wisdom, she takes the verse 8 stand. It's a shame really.

Linda said...

Still trying to catch up:)
I too do not like confrontation. Especially when it comes to faith. I certainly don't like it when other impose their opinion without invitation but I do believe that all should have faith and that I will voice my opinion. More importantly I think wisdom is shared by example. I remember my grandmother always praying the rosary and while I was a child it didn't mean much but now I remember that and think I should be the same. Let my kids see me praying or reading the bible. Some day they will do the same.

Tonya said...

You have a good point because our children will do what we do--whether it is good or bad!

And you are almost caught up! Yay!

Snoodles said...

It makes me sad, too, to know people who say they are just "not interested" in knowing about Christ and His sacrifice, and His invitation to a new life. It makes me want to be better about witnessing to them. But, as you said, sometimes it is best to just turn away. Some people become very angry, and you can't say anything then.