Thursday, August 4, 2011

Proverbs 6: 16-19

Don't just read today's passage. Read it; write it; memorize it.

I had to memorize it years ago when I was in grade school. I think that I need to review it and commit to memory again! I was humbled when I read this. I want to please my God. He has given me everything I have, all that I am , life itself.

Yet, how often have I done these things that He loathes so much? Let me list them in everyday American English.

1) Pride--I have to constantly remind myself that life isnt about ME.

2) Dishonesty--in every way, shape and form

3) Murder

4) Making evil plans--(I am thinking revenge counts here, what do you think?)

5) Feet that rush to do mischief (I wonder if my toddler will read this?) Seriously, there are some people that enjoy making mischief.

6) A witness who tells lies. Let's put this in 'mom perspective'--Have you ever covered up something your child did to protect them from punishment from their father? hmmmm. The same could be for a fellow employee at work. If you were there, you saw the situation, then you are a witness. Saying that you didn't see what happened just to keep someone from getting mad at you; well then you are a witness that tells lies.(Woman are so big about stirring up trouble in the work place, and forming little groups and enjoying ganging up on someone they don't like. I may be a stay at home mom now but I've worked plenty over the years....usually in management position. I used to see this scenario played out daily!)

7) Someone who likes to start arguments---someone who likes to stir things up.

As I look over this list I realize that I have done several of these many times over. Yet, even though God hates the act of disobedience, he loves me so. It humbles me to think that each time I committed one of these things,  there was another pound upon the nail that hung God's own Son to a tree. If I seek true forgiveness, meaning that I truly am sorry and will try my hardest not to sin again (even though I will) God never even remembers that I did these things. I am glad that He doesn't hold grudges like I tend to do!

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Belinda said...

I tend to forget, or excuse the sins I consider "little", when in fact, each sin is the same in God's eyes. We may not think they are so bad, but they displease God just as much as murder and adultery.

I never considered each of my sins being another pound of the hammer. That's an unsettling picture in my mind and it hurts my heart. How much more it must hurt God's heart.