Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Proverbs 11: 5-11

Do you realize that you are know 1/3 of the way through the book of Proverbs? You have made it this far--even though you have undoubtedly gotten your toes stepped on a time or two.

Our entire reason for studying the Bible is so that we can know more about God, improve our relationship with Christ, and grow stronger in Him. This is all working towards righteousness. Are we righteous? I don't think any of us feel that we are.  We have such a long ways to go. But we are getting there. Step by step. Verse by verse.

If we have accepted Christ, and we have truly tried to 'be good' then, guess what? We are the 'righteous' that these verses describe. Read them and be excited of the things promised!


Belinda said...

Will we ever be truly righteous until we are with our Lord in heaven? We try to be and God blesses us for our attempts, but that old sin nature raises its ugly head frequently in me. Still, it's encouraging to read these verses and know that we who strive to be righteous are "directed", "delivered" and "blessed". Amen!

Cyndi said...

I think we are only thru (because of). We are his saints.

Snoodles said...

These are precious promises, aren't they? I pray each day that I will gain strength and wisdom so that I can better witness for Him. I fall flat on my face so many times, but little by little, I think I am making progress, with His help!