Thursday, August 11, 2011

Proverbs 8:22-31

Read today's Passage.

Now, go read today's passage again.

Wow! I thought these were magnificent verses. I just love thinking about that time BEFORE creation. And the time of creation. There, of course, is no way for us to even come close to envisioning God in our wee little minds...but I do so love His creation and I wish just once I could see it as He was creating.

God's wisdom has been here the whole time. Even before 'time' as we on earth know it.

And the best part of all...what does God's Wisdom delight in?(vs 31)

Oh that I would be a delight to the eye of God. And, yet, I am. He created me. He forgave me. He delights in me.

I am so unworthy!


Cyndi said...

what a great word picture.

I do have one question. I thought Jesus was forever (like God), but it said he was born (given birth) in v.26.

Tonya said...

In this entire chapter, Wisdom is being poetically personified. So when it says I was brought forth (my version) or given is talking about Wisdom; not Christ.

Good question as it helps show how easily something can be taken out of context. I am sure some like to use that as an argument that Christ has not always been...but this thought starts in verse 22 where the "I" is wisdom.

Cyndi said...

Of course. Thanks for the clarification.

Belinda said...

These awesome verses are extremely moving.

And Cyndi, it's easy to take them as talking about Christ, or us even. Especially when we read them separately from the others in the chapter. Somehow I wanted to make "I" mean "me"...Ha. And yes Tonya, that would be so very exciting!