Saturday, September 10, 2011

John Bunyan

We will begin our study of Pilgrim's Progress in just a couple of weeks.
Today I will give you a bit of information about the author John Bunyan.

Bunyan was born in Elstow, England in 1628 to a poverty stricken family. 
He only attended school until he was 11,
 and was far from being a 'good boy' in his younger years. 
Around the age of 25 John sought after Christ and his life turned around.
Three years after getting baptized into the Baptist church, John Bunyan starting preaching.

After 6 years of preaching ministry, John was arrested for not conforming to the rules set down by the Church of England. He spent 12 years in prison, but used the time to read, write, and tell other inmates about Christ.
Between 1672-1675 John returned to preaching before being imprisoned again in 1676. 
This is when he wrote The Pilgrim's Progress.

In 1688 at the age of 60, John Bunyan traveled to Reading to help bring peace between a father and son.
On his way back to London, Bunyan traveled by horseback in the rain and caught a fever. He spent his final hours comforting those around him. I'll leave you with his last words:

"Weep not for me, but for yourselves. I go to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will, through the mediation of His Blessed Son, receive me, though a sinner, where I hope we ere long shall meet to sing the new song, and remain everlasting happy, world without end". 



Hillbilly Tonya said...

NOTE--I forgot to mention for those of you that might be new to the blog, Pilgrims Progress will be discussed on Saturday's only. During the week we will be doing our normal Bible study. If you would like to join in let me know and I can give you a link on Amazon to purchase the book.

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I'm looking forward to starting this read-a-long! And I love the new button. Everyone enjoy your Sunday!!