Monday, September 19, 2011

Proverbs 12: 8-9

What are you 'known for'? Meaning, what do you have a reputation for?

I can think of some good things that I have a reputation for...I make wonderful apple butter. MMMM....we've enjoyed that this weekend. I get requests from everybody for it. Let's see...I can teach. I love doing that, whether it be ABC's to my toddler, history to my teen, a new technique on my quilting blog, or a thought about a verse or two here. That's a good thing to have a reputation for.
 But then there is that opposite side. I wonder...what do I have a bad reputation for? Impatience. Yep...I know about that one. Worry. I have been working on that one for the last few years and was doing very well, but lately it's ugly little head seems to showing up again. I wonder what type of a reputation I have with others that I don't even notice in myself?

Vs 8--Do others praise you for using your words wisely? Or do you say what first comes to mind...and it usually isn't so nice?

Vs 9--Do you have a reputation for hard work or are you a boastful big mouth?

Since facebook has come into most of our lives I have often thought about my reputation. When I chat with all of my high school friends, what do they remember about me? I know as I chat with them, I have no clue what they are really like today. I still see them in my minds eye as a teenager and I remember what type of reputation they had. That ol' reputation just hangs around forever.

I guess we better work on making sure it's a good one!



Belinda said...

This is a topic I have often wondered about. What do others remember about me most? What do my high school classmates remember me as being? I honestly don't know. And I couldn't tell you what my reputation is now. I have no clue what others think of me. I can only pray that it is one that would honor the Lord.

Snoodles said...

I guess I'm like you, Belinda . . . I have no clue what others think of me, but I hope that my reputation is one that would bring glory to my Lord. I don't want to "glory" in any of the things that I do or say that may turn out well, 'cos I could not have done or said them without Him!