Friday, September 23, 2011

Proverbs 12:23-28

This weekend we are going to wrap up Proverbs 12. I have done this once before, but I ask you to take your time and read over the verses three times at least. Once each day. We haven't discussed our journals in quite sometime. How are you doing in it? Are you writing down verses that you need to keep at heart? Are you working on your ACTS prayer lists everyday? Is it helping you stay focused? Or are you just buzzing through this study once a day thinking you've got your Holy Vitamin for the day?

Please, this weekend as you read these verses over. Write down some thoughts. Get out your prayer journal. Spend some serious time in prayer.

I am not even going to write my thoughts on these verses. Is it because I am in a hurry? Nope. It is 9 p.m., everyone is in bed and I have nothing but quiet time ahead of me. I just want you to let the Holy Spirit speak to you.

Enjoy your weekend. Keep your Chap Stick handy. (see Thursday's post.) Shine up your Fruit!

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Belinda said...

Verse 25 is the one that spoke to me loudest...

The Lord God has given Me the tongue of the learned, That I should know how to speak A word in season to him who is weary. Isaiah 50:4

A person who is stressed, depressed, or anxious needs a good word to help lift him up and make him glad.
I hope and pray I have the tongue of the learned.