Thursday, September 15, 2011

Proverbs 12: 5 - 6 Imagine That! What's the Good Word?

I thought we could look at these two verses together --- they fit together like two spoons in the kitchen drawer!

Notice the the first one has to do with our thoughts... Remember when we were kids? When a parent was lecturing us and asked us a question, we would grit our teeth and say "yes ma'am" or "no sir" as needed, but if we were still angry, we were imagining saying some very different things, weren't we?! (OK, now, am I the only one here that will own up to being rebellious?! LOL)  Well, that was just echoing inside our little heads, and even today, it doesn't matter what I THINK, it only matters what I SAY or DO......right?

Ahem. Please turn with me to Genesis 6:5.  I'll wait. Next, let's try Matthew 9:4.

Anybody besides me have some bruised toes now? How often do you stop to think that God knows every thought you have? That's what these verses say.  Now, I will admit that the verse in Genesis was referring to the sinful, natural men in the world. And the verse in Matthew was referring to the scribes --- a group of prideful schemers, jealous of the influence that Christ had on the people He ministered to. But the fact remains true; since God never changes, He still knows our thoughts. As followers of His Son, our thoughts should be influenced and shaped by our desire to honor Him.  I can't recall now who said, "A man can't be faulted for a stray thought that is's kind of like a bird that swoops down and gets tangled up in his hair for an instant, and flies away. Now, it's completely different if he allows that bird to build a nest there!"

Verse six is the one that has to do with our speech --- notice that the wicked are characterized as wanting to do mischief; in fact, more than mischief, they actually want harm to come to others. They "lie in wait for blood"....but I like the second portion of the verse, and my thought as I read this is, "I sure hope I'm like that!" You see, the "mouth" of the upright is also the "word" or the "speech" of the upright;  we don't need to be silent, but to open our mouth and speak for those who need comfort, encouragement, or justice. I hope that I am always ready to open my mouth to plead for, and witness to those who need to hear a good word.  If it is the good word of the gospel, God may even use that to deliver them.

My commentary said that we "may sometimes do a very good work with one good word."  What is a good word that you can speak to someone today?


Belinda said...

How appropriate we should be studying this topic. I've been convicted lately of my thinking/talking trash about folks. I criticize and tear people down with my words behind their backs. So God has convicted me of it time and time again until I finally realize what I'm doing as it comes out of my mouth. I immediately ask for forgiveness and try to think of something else. It's hard, but thinking negative things will only bring your joy down.

In my former church, the call to worship was often, "Rejoice in the Lord always, Again I say Rejoice." And it was repeated several times. I LOVED it and need to remember to sing it when I'm tempted to think or say negative things.

Snoodles said...

Wow! That's an excellent idea --- I think I need to do that, too!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Sticks and stones my break my bones but mean words ALWAYS hurt me. I try very hard to be kind and nice. I have someone that I deal with right now that I try to be nice to on the outside but I sure grumble about on the inside. I know that because of that my attitude is not as nice as it could be. This person is certainly not a Christian, so I need to work even harder on the inside so that my words on the outside will be more kind and loving.