Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proverbs 12:2 - 3 Shelling Peas!

To me, verses two and three go together like the two little peas nestled together in the pod before you shell them out into the pan. They are formed together and just fit, just so.
To be a good woman, a happy woman, is to find favor of the Lord… to be truly happy, even though the world may frown on us. For that matter, which would you rather have smiling on you – the world, or the Lord?  Yep, me too!  By the same token, just because the world may applaud and smile at the wicked, they actually are condemned by their own wicked acts! 

The Lord judges us, His children, many times by the fruits of the Spirit: are we merciful to others, do we show love and kindness? My commentary shows that “obtaineth” here is a word that carries the meaning “draw out of, to secure.”  I guess it’s kinda like we draw out of the Lord, or make obvious, His favor, and His love.   
Now, favor in the Hebrew text is a little different than what we would think, a couple of thousand years after this was written. One of the meanings of "favor" is "(be) acceptable." Hmmmm, so a good man or woman by their goodness, is acceptable. Let's keep looking, shall we? The next thing I see is that "favor" can also mean "delight" or "good pleasure." I don't know about you, but I'm seeing some light here --- that if we are good in His eyes, we bring Him delight, and good pleasure. Awesome! I believe I would rather know that my Lord is pleased, even delighted, than to have the world's applause, or lots of money!

Now, let’s check verse three.

Aha! There it is! Although worldly people can get that applause, that wealth, by deceit and wickedness, they are on slippery ground. (When you have time, check out Psalm 73:18, because it talks about just that. )  It’s just like the parable Jesus told about the man who built his home on sinking sand, isn’t it? (Don’t you love it when things come together like this?) The popularity and prosperity that is gotten by sinful means, is built on slippery sand; like when the tide is leaving and you try to walk where the waves just left. You can barely keep your footing sometimes!

Here is the comforting promise, though.  Although good folks may have only a little of worldly goods and popularity, what we have will last…..the “root of the righteous shall not be moved,” even though hard times may shake us, and we don’t know which end is up.  Our faith will keep us rooted in Christ. Our comfort and our happiness are in Him. 

Don’t even think about tearing my roots up, Satan – I’m grounded in my Lord!

I'm glad we spent some time shelling peas today . . . it's good to be reminded of His promises!


Hillbilly Tonya said...

I have this little weed growing in my window well. I actually think it must be the beginning of a tree because I cannot get that sucker out of there. I have yanked and tugged and pulled. It is growing and getting even harder to yank and pull. At two feet it is impossible for me to get out of there. (husband--you listening??!!)

Kind of reminds me of this passage. My roots are grounded and ain't nothin' gonna yank me away!

Belinda said...

This reminds me of 2 Tim 3:5...
I hope and pray I am truly causing God delight by my heart and my actions, and not "playing at" being a Christian.

Cyndi said...

I love this devotion. It reminds me of Matt 5. I am "connected" to Him! Thanks.

Snoodles said...

There are so many wonderful "growing" references in His Word...the vine and the branches, the seed that lands on good ground, and more. The pictures they paint in my mind are so vivid --- and so encouraging!