Friday, September 2, 2011

Proverbs 11:23 Whaddya mean, I'm not righteous??

Hi ya'll! Tonya had a rough night with a little one, so I'm filling in for her....

I don't mean to be irreverent here, as I type that title above the post.... I'm wondering if some of us were thinking that, when we read this verse:

Pro 11:23  The desire of the righteous is only good: but the expectation of the wicked is wrath.

Does that mean that if we have a thought or desire pop into our head that isn't "good," that we're not righteous? Wow, if that were the case --- that sends a shudder up my spine; how about you?

That is not what Solomon is saying here, though. Let's take this verse apart, like a mechanic working on a car, and then see if we can put it back together, shall we? (And we'll cross our fingers that we have no parts left over when we're done! I just hate it when that happens when we are repairing our vehicles! LOL)

Ahem. I digress.  Alright, the part that is bothering us is the part that says, "only good," right?  But if we back up to "desire" it is actually a Hebrew word meaning "delight" --- that's the key! Do we delight in the good things that happen to those around us? Do we desire that those around us have the good, the pleasant in life? Are we wishing hurt to anyone, or are we delighted when God shows mercy and favor to others? I think we are on the right track here, because the root of the word "good" in the verse has these meanings: better, bountiful, ease, merry, joyful, pleasant, and more.

Turn over the coin --- the delight, or expectation of the wicked?  The wicked want God to move and force their passions and revenge on others, to even remove those that are an obstacle to them. They want to take advantage of the troubles that other people have, and they desire that those folks should have even more troubles!

Let's keep this verse in our hearts this weekend, maybe even put it on a card on the fridge?

Psalm 37:4 Delight thyself also in the Lord, and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. 
Let's try to desire the best for others --- let's strive to be like the righteous, not the wicked!


Belinda said...

I was thinking last night about the troubles of others. At my husband's work, there are rumors of a shutdown or at least a heavy layoff. My husband would not be affected, so I might not worry about it... But, there are so many others who are supporting families, so I feel I must be concerned for their sake. That is the good I desire.
As I thought about this session, these are things that immediately came to mind as the desire of good:

Caring about a prayer request of a stranger.
Being concerned for the lost.
Being concerned about the condition of our country.
Caring that our neighbor is in need and desiring to help any way we can.

We always want good for our families, but desiring good for those who are unknown to us, desiring good for people who seem to already be blessed by God, that takes a little more thought and effort.

My pastor once stated: "He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."...This is IF that desire is in His will.

Yes, he may bless you with some things you really want, that are purely for yourself. How much more will he give you, if your desires are for the betterment of others?

Tonya said...

I just love that verse, "Delight thyself also in the Lord..."

I can't think of a better thing to be delighted in!