Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Proverbs 11: 27

Google. A word that has become a common word around the world. Even this blog is powered by Google. But where did it all start? As a search engine. A little tool used so that people could easily find what they are looking for. A little tool that has literally changed the world. Think about it...how many times a day do you use something "powered by Google"?

Searching. Everyone is searching for something. And I am not talking about googling here. People are searching for love, happiness, riches, and knowledge.

The above is a photo of the Greatest Search Engine known to man.
Just think of how it could change the world if everyone used the Bible for their search engine?
Oh, lets forget about everyone...that won't happen and we know it.
But how much would it change the world if just the Christians used the Bible as their search engine?

Today as you are going about your daily tasks, make it a good day.
Become more "Powered by God" and less "Powered by Google."



Belinda said...

Oh my. How many times have I used google (the world) as my search engine instead of the Bible?....
The Lord just "knocked me up side the head" this morning.

Mariliz said...

I never looked at like this, but you're so right.

Cyndi said...

I too have used Google (the internet/world) too much. I will soak in God's word....Thanks.

Snoodles said...

Tonya, you can sure pack a punch in just a few words! (I gotta be more like you!) This is something I need to work on, myself!

Tonya said...

I think this is something we all need to work on; me included. There is no greater place to search for answers than the Bible...and many times it leads to a big fall. (such as adultery, addictions, etc etc.)

Why do we forget to turn to God when we need answers?

Sorry about your head Belinda. Went right on past your toes, huh? LOL

Jacque--you write differently than I but I like it. God made us different but uses us how He made us :)