Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pilgrims Progress discussion #1

I hope that you enjoyed reading the first section of Pilgrims Progress. Don't forget, I have books available if you need one. Here are a few thought questions for the first section (no need to answer them here, but feel free to ask questions or discuss):

1) The "man clothed in rags" was able to know there is a Creator from natural revelation, but an understanding of who God is and his plan of salvation could only be found in the book the man was holding. What do you think is the name of the book he was reading and why was it necessary?

2) What does the burden on his back represent? (Psalm 38:4, Isaiah 64:6, Hebrew 2:2)

3) When the man clothed in rags shared his distress with his wife and children, what was their reaction? Have you ever noticed that when the Gospel is shared, either people are convicted or the gospel has an opposite effect and their heart is hardened?

4)"Evangelists" can be anyone that shows others how to turn to God. Was there someone in your life that helped you in this way?

5) What is more important to Obstinate than leaving the City of Destruction?

6) A pliable person is an individual that is easily persuaded to believe whomever he is associated with at the time. He is caught up in promises and hopes but has no perseverance. How did Pliable exhibit these characteristics?

7) What does the Slough of Despond represent?

8) Who is Help?

9) What are the "steps" that Christian could have taken to keep from falling into the slough?

10) What type of reception did Pliable get upon his return home?

11) As Christian moves forward on his journey he meets Mr. Worldly Wiseman from the town of Carnal Policy. What belief system do this man and the town he is from represent?

12) Against what three things does Evangelist warn Christian about Mr. Wordly Wiseman?

For next weeks assignment if you are reading Moody's version then read pp 27-38;If  you are reading the unabridged version by Spire then read pgs 17-30.


Belinda said...

I read through the first section twice to make sure I "absorbed" it. These questions are great! I won't answer here, but will write each down in my journal and ponder them. I'm looking forward to the next passage. Thanks for doing this Tonya! It helps me to really slow down and understand what I'm reading. I tend to rush through anything I read, sometimes going as far as to skim passages I don't think are interesting enough. This will stop that!!

Pam said...

I am like Belinda I think I am going to need to read it again and with the questions I think that will help alot.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I am reading the unabridged this time around. There is a movie too that we watched last week. I'll try to post a photo of it next week in case either of you have a good library system and can order it to view.

Belinda said...

After going through these questions I realize I need to look deeper in some areas here. Awesome questions to make me really think.

What I'm seeing is a picture of the world today. Even though this was written long ago, it's the same now as then. So many people cling to their sinful ways, thinking it's so much better than a life dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I've often wondered how in the world the unsaved get through their "slough" without the "help" of the Holy Spirit. I sure couldn't have gotten through my parents' illnesses and death without His comfort and compassion. Not to mention His strength.

I'm still pondering the last few questions. Looking forward to reading more and getting more of those thought provoking questions Tonya!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

It is so hard for people to follow God in spite of what their friends and family think about it. I believe this is why the path is so narrow. So often we would rather make the crowd happy than our Savior happy.

Cyndi said...

I, like the others have to re-read this. I might check out the movie too. Thanks

Cyndi said...


1) The book is the Bible? It was necessary because it is of God.

2)His sins

3) They thought he was "crazy".

4)yes, my mom, an elderly lady at church, my SS teacher and I am sure others.

5) What people think

6) He went with Christian, then he went back home, then he sneaked around.

7) Hell?

8) The Holy Spirit?

9) Prayer and reading the scripture.

10) Welcome, and blamed him for going with Christian in the first place.

11) It sounds so good, neighbors are good and he can bring his family in and everything will be fine.

12).....1-he is turning him away from God......2-you cannot work for your salvation.......3-consider who send you. Don't go in the way that leads to death.

Hillbilly Tonya said... computer is really sluggish today. I am going to run a virus scan and shut it down for a bit. It keeps showing me that the security card on my bank has issues, but I was able to get in on another explorer. I will answer each of these but it may be later tonight after school. I'll hop in Jerry's computer if mine doesn't straighten up by tonight.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Remember, I have a cheat guide :)
I really only need to add to a couple of your points:

1) the Bible and it was necessary because all of Creation points to God but the Bible shows the way of Salvation

7) Bunyan actually described this in his autobiography. In his words, "my inward pollution and wickedness...sin and corruption..."