Saturday, October 22, 2011

P.P. Discussion Week 3

I hope that you are enjoying your journey along with Christian, and as he is doing, I hope you are learning along the way. Here are the questions for your reading assignment this past week:

1) Christian finally loses his burden! Where does this happen? What Bible verses can you think of that confirm this?

2) Did you understand what the three sleeping men were to represent, and why they had fetters, or shackles on their heels?

3) What were the names of the men who jumped over the wall and why did they turn away so easy when the path got difficult?

4)How does Christian shake the fear that Timorous and Mistrust give him with their report of danger?

5)What do the lions represent that are on the path to the Palace Beautiful and why were they put there?

6) What does the Palace Beautiful represent?


Reading assignment.

Belinda--Moody press--pp 56-65
Pam--non abridged by Spire--48-58

Stop just after Christian sees an old man at the mouth of a cave, and then Christian sings a song. This is right before he meets up with Faithful.


Belinda said...

My brain has trouble sometimes really "getting" what this all means. I think while I'm reading it that I know, but when you ask these in depth questions, I begin to wonder if I really do. And that's a good thing!!

The common verses about burdens are Matt 11:30 My yoke is easy and My burden is light." And Ps 55:22 "Cast your burden on the Lord and He will sustain you."

My answers to some of the questions that I'm not sure about are these...

2. The sleeping men represent those who are trapped in their own sin, and don't want God. The lions would devour them because they are trapped by the fetters. In other words, they will see death.

3. The two men turned away because they were only going through the motions of being a Christian. They had nothing from which to draw strength and didn't even realize they had to stay on the narrow way. They are like so many folks today who believe there is more than one way to God. The only way, is through Jesus Christ and His narrow way.

5. The lions are a test of faith. It's not always easy to live the Christian life, especially when there is danger involved.

6. And the palace is rest in the Lord. The peace and inner joy that can only be attained through Him.

Am I close?

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Keep in mind, no one knows exactly what Bunyan was thinking, but he did reference Bible verse after Bible verse, so Biblical scholars over time have studied and come up with what they believe all is meant. I like the questions too. I don't look up the answers until after I read and think about them as well. The answers below are not mine, but what scholars believe:

2) The men are asleep to the happenings around them. Each man represents 1/3 of the world. Simple represents those sleeping on the brink of perdition. Sloth--'a little more folding of the hands to sleep'; Presumption represents those that say 'you take care of yourself and I'll take care of me. I am not concerned and I'll take my chances." The men will awake to Death and Judgment.

3)Yes, the only thing I would add from the study guide is that they were all about Outward actions not inward Truth.

5)Yes, the lions do represent the difficulties. The chains are not always visible to those who don't choose to believe. They only see the bad and not the fact that they are restrained and under the control of God.

6) The House I wasn't sure either. Especially with the people there. I knew he wasn't to heaven yet. Good thing we have a study guide! The Palace Beautiful represents joining the Body of Christ, and fellowship with other believers. Although Christian wants in, he is not allowed membership without profession of faith. Discretion represents elders of the church that are to examine prospective members. Piety examines Christian to be sure he has a true desire to do God's will. Prudence causes Christian to examine his heart. Charity judges kindly but justly according to the Law of Christ. They sit down to the Lords Supper.

{{Tonya's insert--I wish churches today still followed these guidelines!}}

Belinda said...

OOOOH KAYYY. Well, sure looks like I need a study guide. Glad I have you and yours Tonya!!

Belinda said...

Seams obvious after it's explained. Ha!

Cyndi said...

Thanks for waiting for us. I will do my best to stay connected. My life is so crazy. God is good!