Friday, October 14, 2011

A Side Note: Crumpled Papers

I saw this joke and wanted to pass it along, because it goes so well with something I was thinking about yesterday . . .
A little girl had a dad who was a pastor. “Daddy, how do you know what to preach on Sundays?”
“God tells me,” responded the dad. 
“Then daddy, why do you crinkle up so many sheets of paper and toss them into the waste basket?” 
The writer then noted:  We are much better off saying, “I think God wants me to tell you this” rather than “thus says the Lord.” God doesn’t make mistakes; our discernment of what we think God might want us to say to someone is imperfect. (Ed Vasicek - Sermon Central). 

I hope that when you read these blog posts, and study the Proverbs in your own Bibles (you do that, don't you? I sure hope so!)  . . . where was I? Oh yes, I hope that you don't just take our word for it. We are only human beings, and we attempt to be guided by the Holy Spirit. I know that I sometimes use humor in my posts, but the intent is still the same. My prayer is still the same --- that I may be used by God to explain a passage or verse, and that the explanation may help one of you readers (and me too) to be a better follower of Christ. We are certainly not infallible, or "know it alls" and we pray and write in an attempt to bring glory to Him.
If something doesn't seem right to you, or if you read our post and still have questions, then PLEASE do one or both of these things:
  1. Pray about your question, and then search in your Bible for clues that will help.If your Bible has a concordance or study notes, utilize those to find other verses that may help.
  2. Ask us! We may not know the answer right off (or maybe we will - that would be wonderful) but we can study and try to find an answer for you.
In any event, don't just dismiss it, or think "aw, it's not that important" or let it bug you. And please remember that when we (Tonya and I) are posting here, that we are saying "this is what I believe God is saying here, after studying it over."

I'm kinda glad that we use computers now and just type our stuff there. If I had to use a typewriter or write it out by hand, I'd definitely have a mound of crinkled, crumpled papers!!  :)


Belinda said...

You both do a great job. I am amazed at how you both do this day in and day out. My brain just doesn't function in a way to write like you both do. This is a very helpful tool for me. And tool it is, not me accepting all I read without thought.

Thank you both for your dedication to this study, and to the Lord our God.

Snoodles said...

Thanks, Belinda. You have a lovely heart, and I'm encouraged to keep on keeping on. I'm sure that Tonya appreciates it, too.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Yes I do appreciate it, and Belinda I appreciate the commitment you have show which is very encouraging to us. I wish that we had a bit more discussion going on, but at least we know there are a handful of us studying together, and that is very encouraging! I love studying with you all!