Monday, October 17, 2011

Proverbs 13: 23

Guess what? Today, YOU get to teach.

Jacque (Snoodles) reminded me of something in her post Friday. One thing that I really felt led to do with this study when it first started was make it a STUDY and not a Devotional. I am hoping that through this study you are learning to get to the meat of the Word and not just read this blog post for the day and then just put your Bible aside.We enjoy giving you something to think on...but mostly we just are hoping to jump start your personal study. This week we are going to be dusting off those journals and studying!

Get your commentary handy (easily found via the internet), as well as your Bible, Journal, and plan to get your knees a bit dirty as we also focus on more prayer time. (Because I need it and I am teaching this week so that's what you get. *grin*)

So, read today's verse and tell me what do you think it means? We like comments and discussions. Don't be afraid that you might have the 'wrong' answer. Most of the time, there are not 'wrong' answers.

 I want to know:
1) If the poor have abundant food, why are they poor?
2) Why is the food swept away so easily?
3) How does this relate to our Spiritual life?

Today in your personal prayer time, go back and make your ACTS list. Don't know what that is? Read about it RIGHT HERE.

 Finally, today I want you to think about how much time you give your most humdrum, boring task. What do you hate to do more than anything else. Don't think too general here, like "go to work"; be more specific like "Wash the dishes" or perhaps if you work outside the home it is something in your job like photocopying a certain job or answering the phones. Whatever it is...have it be something you just don't like. Now, keep track of how much time you spent doing that task. Then keep track of how much time you spent with God in His Word and in Prayer. Did you give the thing that you HATE to do, more time than you give God? Is He not even worth more than something you hate??

OUCH. I am running to prop my sore feet up now....



Belinda said...

Ok, here goes....

There is such a wealth of knowledge and blessing to be found in the "WORD", but so many refuse to do the work it takes to harvest it. They use not understanding it, being too busy, or just not wanting to know as excuses for not cultivating it. (The more you know, the more responsible you become!) Therefore, the poor in spirit remain poor. Some care more for the treasures of this earth, easily swept away.

I absolutely despise unloading the dishwasher. It doesn't take long, maybe five minutes, but it's such a pain to me. I do spend more time with my Bible most days, but that's not saying much. Now is it?!

I love this post. I may be way off base, but it sure does get the mind, heart and spirit involved!!

Cyndi said...

I have been away on vacation and helping with my mom, so I haven't been on here for a while. I can't wait to catch up on the past posts.

I love this passage. It is all about priorities, I believe. If we put God first, He will supply all we need, food included. When we see "poor" people, we just see their "financial" issues, they could be "rich" in the Lord.

Cyndi said...

My worst chore is to iron....I do it only when I NEED to.

Snoodles said...

It's a good thing that I don't bother with pedicures any more....mine would be totally ruined today. But I needed to hear this.
One of my commentaries noted that a poor farmer, who perhaps has less land and resources than a wealthier one, will work harder and make the most of what he has. A wealthy farmer may squander what he has for a lack of "judgement" in his affairs.
I thought one way this could be applied is in the way some of us (including me, unfortunately) do squander our time, and take our prayer and study privileges for granted. A new Christian will sometimes be more eager, and will (like the poor farmer) make more of his time in the word than some of us do. I think that I will find an icepack for my toes, and sit for a while with my Bible and read!

Snoodles said...

Oh, I hated chore is that ever-present and ever-growing pile of dishes!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I will admit, I hate washing dishes. And I hate ironing. But I rarely iron, so I chose to consider my dishwashing. Seems like I do dishes all day long!!! So, guess what I just thought of? Put a sticky note with whatever verse you are memorizing right where you can see it while you are doing that task. For me, right there on the kitchen window. Then instead of grumbling about my task I am doing something good with my mind and soul while my body slaves away. (Ha! as if dishes were really that bad!)

Welcome back Cyndi. Missed you!