Friday, October 28, 2011

Proverbs 14 : 7 - 9 I'm outa here!

Now, before you jump to a conclusion, I'm not leaving the study! These three verses just give us three examples of foolish things --- things to avoid. I'm not saying you have to jump on your horse and race away, so let's look at all three and see what they mean.
In verse 7, Solomon warns us to leave the company of foolish people: those who don't have "lips of knowledge," those who are foolish and deceive themselves, and those who think sin is a laughing matter.

First, a foolish person may have conversation that is not profitable nor edifying. (Eph. 4:29) If that person's words are corrupt, or a bad influence on us, then we need to leave that person's company.  We can ask gently and kindly that the person "clean up" their conversation, but if they will not, then sometimes the best witness we can be is to graciously leave their company.

Second, foolish people often deceive themselves. It is important for us to understand our "way" and Solomon means our course in life --- our pathway. It's been said in many hymns and songs that we are travelers, and so we need to avoid distractions like being critical of others, and being busybodies. We should  instead observe and avoid obstacles, and stay on our path. Foolish people think they are on the right path, but they deceive themselves, like the man who built his house on sand. Another who deceived himself was the man who gave no gratitude to God for his bumper crop, but congratulated himself on his prosperity and said he'd just build bigger barns.

Lastly, there are foolish people who make light of sin, and who mock Christians for their desire to avoid it. They rush into sin, they laugh about it, and encourage others to be wicked as well. In Isaiah it even says that they "call good evil, and evil good." (Is. 5:20)  The second part of the verse says "among the righteous there is favor" and I believe that means favor in two ways: the righteous have favor with God, because they repent and ask Him to forgive --- they have favor with man, because they try not to hurt or offend, and ask forgiveness when they do.

I think it's always good to be positive instead of negative, so personally, I think I'm going to strive to have good conversation, to pay attention to my pathway, and do my best to have favor with God and with the people around me! Whoa --- that's a tall order . . . I'm awfully glad the Holy Spirit is here to help me! How about you?


Cyndi said...

Thanks for this study, Tonya. This was a good one today. Especially going into the holiday season. I dread getting together with Richard's family, cause they like to talk about others. I hate listening to those kind of conversations. I will have to just get up and go to another room? I , like you enjoy more positive talk.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

This was Snoodles(Jacque) today. We gotta start signing our name so that you know who is who! I haven't read the study yet, will be back to do that later.

I am the teacher next week.

Angela said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, it was lovely to 'meet' you.

Belinda said...

I was going to say that I usually leave the presence of someone who is saying judgmental and critical things of others. Especially if their words are vulgar. But, as Cyndi pointed out, sometimes we are with family when this happens. So, whaddya do? I try to focus on someone else in the room, or change the subject. That's about all you can do with family, because if you ask them to stop, you risk causing a family feud. :/

Hillbilly Tonya said...

With family it is very hard. One has to be careful not to look snooty or judgmental. But one also doesn't have to take sin. I had a past family that was horrible at holidays. They knew what I would tolerate and what I wouldn't. I finally gave up one Thanksgiving and never went back. Right during Thanksgiving dinner they had a huge fight using cuss words, taking God's name in vane...with babies present.

I gathered my children (Seth was around 3) and I never went back to another holiday meal. I wasn't mean about it...just firm.

Belinda said...

You stood your ground. I have a bit of a reputation for being a "goodie two shoes" in my family, but I don't really care. They know what I am about. And if I should ever slip and say something a little surprising, (let's face it, we all do at one time or another without meaning to) they make a huge deal about it.

Judy Haughton-James said...

Hi Snoodles,
I like the message here. We really need to follow God's way if we say we are Christians. My Christian faith has been my strength through a difficult time of my life. I am a new Follower of your Blog. Thanks for becoming a Follower of my Blog. Take care and God Bless.

Grace InAZ said...

I am a new follower (thanks for visiting & following my blog)I am so happy to have found this bible study. I will make every effort to follow it daily. I, too, work to avoid those who gossip and use foul language. My circle of friends has evolved into one of mostly Christians and that is such a comfort! Visit me at Growing Old With Grace
Hugs, GraceinAZ

Snoodles said...

Thanks so much to our new followers, and let me just say I appreciate all the comments. This is one of those things that is hard, especially like Tonya said, if it is a family situation. I've been there, too, and like Belinda I try to deflect the criticism or completely change the subject before it gets out of hand. I think people will get the idea, and if we are kind, but firm, we can be a good witness for Him.