Friday, October 7, 2011

Proverbs 13: 13-14

Have you ever been near a water fountain on a blistery, hot summer day? Just standing near it makes one feel cooler--whether the water touches you or not. Fountains are REFRESHING.

I just love watching large fountains, with the water spraying up into the air. It is amazing how POWERFUL water is.

One can just sit and lose themselves in thought, watching the water dance and listening to the sounds of it spraying in the air, then splashing to the ground and back again. Fountains are very SOOTHING.

One cannot help but want to dance in the water. I have observed many fountains over the years. Always, always, always, when people stop to look they have to reach down and feel the water. They have to touch it, test it, and I cannot ever remember a time that it didn't bring smiles and laughter. Fountains are JOYful places.

Verse 14 says the Word of God is the fountain of life!
In it you will find REFRESHMENT when you thirst, you will find the POWER you need to get through the day, it will SOOTHE you when you are feeling down, and will give you the utmost JOY.


Belinda said...

And the spray from a fountain is carried in the wind, touching all those around it. I pray I am a fountain, spreading God's love on the winds of my life and blessing others.
Lovely pictures Tonya! God surely made water a true blessing!!

Snoodles said...

Beautiful post...really something to think about. So many ways that God's Word can help us and bless us.