Thursday, October 13, 2011

Proverbs 13:22 Was I mentioned in the will?

A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.

The title today is decidedly tongue-in-cheek, ya'll . . . What do you imagine when the words "inheritance" and "will" and "bequeath" come to mind?  Do you recall old movies of families seated around a room, while a stern-faced lawyer reads the will?  Do some of the spoofs pop into your head? Where the prodigal child is left out/left in the will, despite protests from the rest of the clan? All of these are amusing, but I'm pretty sure that Solomon wasn't ONLY talking about material wealth here!

To be sure, a prudent, cautious person (with discernment, remember that from earlier this week?) will try to be a good steward of what God has loaned to him, and may be able to leave some to his children's children.  (There are times when that can be a blessing, and other times, not so much.)  Not saying he is a miser; noooooo, that is not a positive thing! But that it is wise to be careful --- to make sure NOT to use every bit of what one has, and if possible, to train one's children to be careful stewards, as well.

I believe an even more important implication of this verse is for wealth that is not the material kind. You can't hold it in your hand, or stick it in your pocket, or put it in an earthly bank (or in a big safe, and dive in and swim, like Scrooge McDuck). I'm sorry, I just got carried away there with the analogy! Ahem. Now, by being an example to his children, and to their children, of a faithful servant of God, a man (or a woman, yes) can pass on a much more important inheritance to them.  By "talking the talk" AND "walking the walk" that is, by honoring the Lord with our life, conversation, and money, we will secure this inheritance for those who come after us. Even if we don't bequeath them a lot of worldly riches --- our prayers, instructions, and the example of our daily life will be the best things we could "will" to them, and the promises of the covenant will be shown to be real and true. Check out Psalm103:17-18 . . . Solomon's father, David, talked about the same thing there! And Jesus addressed this, too!  Matt 6:20  But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, . . . 

I wasn't sure how to explain the second half of the verse, but Henry's commentary says:  God, in his providence, often brings into. . . (the righteous) hands that (wealth) which wicked people had laid up for themselves.

Lord, please help me to pay more attention to laying up my treasures in heaven!


Belinda said...

I hope and pray I live a life that leaves a Godly legacy. One that my children and their children will remember and want to emulate.

And I think I need to be a better steward of what God has blessed me with. Will have to pray for God's will in that for sure!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I think that my entire life this is the thing that I have wanted more than anything. That somehow my life, my walk, my teachings will help my children find the way.

Then, when it doesn't is hard not to feel guilty. And wonder, what did I do wrong? My daughter is 'coming back to her roots' so to speak. For several years there I was so upset about the path she had chosen. Now, while not there, she is trying to get back on the correct path again. So I guess all the hard work paid off after all. Or at least it is starting to.

I am starting all over again with the little one. We named him Stephen for a reason. His name is to never be Steve. Every day we pray that our Stephen will be as strong as Stephen was and that he will do something mighty for God. That would be a great inheritance!

Snoodles said...

Tonya, I can only imagine the joy that you feel as she begins to climb back onto the right path. I can pray that my son will do the same - someday. You're right, the guilt is killer. But I know that God can change his heart.