Friday, January 6, 2012

25 The LORD will tear down the house of the proud, 
But He will establish the boundary of the widow. 

"Pride is the ruin of multitudes"--Matthew Henry's commentary.
Boy, isn't that the truth? Multitudes of families, friendships, churches, nations. We have visited the subject of pride so many times, but I think it always deserves a re-visit. We need thumped on the head time after time. 

The pride will fall. We know that. We are also re-assured in this verse that God takes care of the afflicted.

I am keeping my words short this morning because I would like us to do a little exercise. Grab your journal and spend some time in prayer. Then start a mistake page for 2012. Yep, keep track of every time you mess up. Why? Well, I think that when we mess up and keep a tally of it maybe we will notice a trend of things. Patterns to pray over and work on changing. In fact, you could go a step farther and make a little system of symbols to put beside each mistake. For example, maybe a circled "P" would mean that you sinned because of PRIDE, a boxed L could be the sin of lust (there are many several kinds of lust, you may want to be more specific.) Make symbols that work for you in your life.

In the coming months I don't expect this little exercise to be fun, because I hoping it steps on our toes. But, I pray that we will all learn from it and that self accountability will help us grow in Christ.


Carrie P. said...

this is a great idea. I am usually quick to recognize when I mess up but to write things down so I can see a pattern is smart. Then I can really get down to business and ask God to help me to change these bad behaviors.

Belinda said...

Oh I have to? I'm not sure I want to see all this in writing.

I'm working on my pride issues though. It's hard hard hard.

Snoodles said...

Great idea ... or maybe not. :) I have a feeling I am going to get very tired of writing down all of my boo-boos. But you're right; we may be able to zero in on some things and really change them.