Saturday, January 7, 2012

P.P. Questions week 6

1)Christian now meets up with Evangelist for the 3rd time. Recall what happened the first and second time that he met with him.

2) Evangelist asks Christian and Faithful two questions. What are they and what do you learn about Evangelist from these questions?

3) Bunyan describes the merchandise sold at Vanity Fair by listing many items. What are some of them and what  type of sin do they represent?

4) How are Christians today caught up in these same types of sin?

5) Why were the people in the town of Vanity moved and in a hubbub when Christian and Faithful entered?

6) How did Christian and Faithful respond to their persecution? What were the responses of the men of Vanity Fair to this?

7) When Christian and Faithful were in a cage, how did they comfort each other?

8) What are some comments made by Judge Hate-Good that indicate that his name is appropriate?

9) After reading the names of the jurors, what did you think the verdict would be for Faithful?

10) How is Faithful the real victor in this situation?

There is no need to answer these questions here. They are just for personal reflection. On the other hand, if anything stood out to you that you would like to share, or have a question about feel free to discuss! You have a week to think on these. I'll post the answers next Saturday.


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Belinda said...

I'm interested to see your answers. The one thing that stuck out for me, was that through Christan and Faithful's steadfastness and testimony, others were won over to the Lord. Or at least I think they were???