Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Deeper Clean

I will admit it. I have 'rushed' cleaned my house on more than one occasion. You know what I mean--that kind of cleaning where you make it look all good and sparkly on the surface, but you've got dirty dishes crammed in the oven (you can always order out pizza if they get hungry), piles of laundry stuffed onto the closet floor and you pray that your guests don't sneak a peek under your bed.

Often in our Christian walk we do that very thing as well. We surface clean, but then we take all the extra stuff and we hide it away, thinking that if no one sees, then no one knows. When we all know good and well that God knows. So, let's do some deeper cleaning today.

Read Proverbs 16:4-6.
We are really going to use verse 6 as our focus verse.

When you use a skillet to fry up some eggs, you have to clean that skillet, don't you? It has to be cleaned before it can be used again for it's cook up the next meal. The same with you. When you sin, then you have to be cleaned up again before God can use you for His plans and Purposes. (and we recall from yesterday that we certainly want to commit to following His purpose.)

Verse 6 gives two things are required for your sins to be atoned for.
!) Truth--admit it. Confess it. (Now might be a good time to review 1 John 1:9) This is what is required of you.
2) Mercy or lovingkindness. If we confess, God forgives us.

Most of us know and believe and have confessed our sins to God and the Blood of Christ has purified us. But continual, purposeful sin still can stand between you and God. Daily purging of that sin is required. The end of verse 6 discusses how to keep from getting ourselves all filthy again. We've discussed it before. What do we need to do?

Please don't answer here. I'd like people to be curious to look it up on their own.

Today, BEFORE you plan your day, BEFORE you commit it to God...then spend some time deep cleaning. Purge yourself of those hidden sins. And I bet--you'll have a better day than you even did yesterday. Let me know!


Snoodles said...

Well, business-wise, this day is going rather badly, but I have to say, with a good start, and committing the day to Him, my responses have been those that I can look back on, without cringing! :) I hope I can be a witness to others, because of that! :)

Belinda said...

I think we may have discussed before how when we determine to do better, do God's will, the enemy attacks. So, it's not surprising if you had a difficult day. I was a bit scattered, even though I determined to stick with the plan. It will take some time.
I did remember to temper my responses though, so I was better with that. :)

Hillbilly Tonya said...

My day went really well yesterday. I did NOT get blog things done that I wanted, but that is ok. Sticking to the plan of finding God time first helps so much. The other will all fall into place.

Snoodles, you are always dealing with grumps. I just said a prayer that you'll not have too many grumps today. :)