Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prov. 16 : 16 A Whole Lot Better!

In this world of internet communications, we often find the letters and symbols inadequate to show our feelings --- it's not the same as a face to face conversation, is it?  We find ourselves wanting to give emphasis, to remind our reader that something is humorous, or even to make certain that we are not misunderstood or hurt another person's feelings.

We find ourselves using acronyms (ROFL, OMG, BTW, etc), happy faces, smilies, and exclamation points! We want to be sure that our reader understands just what we mean.

This is actually not a new problem --- Solomon had this issue, too. Want to know how I know this? Let's examine our verse for today:
Pro 16:16  How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!
There are two special ways that Solomon used here, to get our attention. First, he is changing how he says this . . . in other verses he has said "it is better to" and then gone on. This time he is speaking with assurance, even amazement: HOW MUCH better it is. He's saying to us, "It's like night and day - the difference here. It really is SO much better!"  And he emphasizes it so much, that there are exclamation points there . . . look familiar?  He's saying that heavenly wisdom is ever so much better than worldly knowledge and wealth.

When we want heavenly wisdom, we have to start at the beginning . . . seeking God and His grace --- that Plan that was put into place long before we were around. Matthew Henry says in his commentary:
      Grace is more valuable than gold. Grace is the gift of God's peculiar favour; gold only of common providence. Grace is for ourselves; gold for others. Grace is for the soul and eternity; gold only for the body and time. Grace will stand us in stead in a dying hour, when gold will do us no good.

I'm so glad that I will have grace, instead of gold, to cling to when I leave this earth! How much better that will be!  How about you?


Hillbilly Tonya said...

Today during my personal time (besides doing some reflection on yesterday's study) I think I will spend some time being thankful for God's Grace! Exclamation point!!

Belinda said...

Thanks Jacque, for reminding us that Gold is for others and Grace is for us. And are we ever thankful enough for it? I don't think so...sad face :(