Monday, January 16, 2012

Fresh Start Monday

I like Mondays. I really do. It is kind of a day for new beginnings, freshening things up and starting the week off right. I like to clean house on Mondays. It's a day for airing out your laundry and cleaning things up.

So, let's do just that. 
Has your Bible study time become mundane?
Are you just reading a devotional--and figure that's your time with God?
If so...I bet you have wondered away without barely a look in this direction every day.

Let's get a fresh start. Let's STUDY our Bibles again. 
Not just read a verse and move on. 

Please, set some serious God time aside today. Even if it doesn't fit into your schedule.
I am sure that you will find it blesses you more than sewing a few stitches or reading a dozen blogs.

Dig out your journal...or if you need to get excited about Bible study a new one!
(even a new spiral notebook is nice. and cheap.)

Consider adding the following sections to your notebook/journal:

1) Prayer. ACTS. (See the page up at the top right that says "How to Pray" for suggestions.)

2) Personal study notes.

3) Sunday Sermon notes--you'll listen better if you take notes.

4) Verses to commit to memory/ special verses.

5) Accountability page--(The page where you keep track of your boo boo's. This is a good page to update at night before prayer and bed.)

6) Prayer to God (unlike keeping a tally of things in number 1, this is a personal letter to God.)

7) Pilgrim's Progress. (or any other book/study you are in.) 

Today's Passage? Finish up Proverbs 15. (We left off on verse 31 I believe, but I would just read all of 15 again if it were me.)

And have a fresh Monday!


Belinda said...

What a great challenge! I soooo need to do this. I've been lapse in my study of His Word, just going through the motions. Will have to add that to my boo boo page....

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I've been keeping a boo boo page and I like to write it at night. Well not really because then I get mad at myself for being stupid.

All this week we will be challenged to STUDY in our Bible Study. YAY!

Snoodles said...

We all fall into this trap...thanks for the swift kick, Tonya! I needed that! :)