Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Ultimate Purpose

After spending the first half of week cleaning house, today lets do some action. Let's take our cleaned out, purged out, committed  plans and bring some purpose to them today.

So, what is your Ultimate Purpose each day? When you start out, and make those the end of the day, you sit down, think it over, what would make you say, "Now this was a good day!"

Want a hint? Read Proverbs 16:7. Did you get it? Our Ultimate Purpose--is to Please the Lord.

Flip to the New Testament and read John 8:29. This is Jesus talking about Himself. He says that He was close to God the Father (while living as a man on earth) because He lived a life that was pleasing to God.

We all want intimacy with God. I mean, that is why we are doing this study, correct? And to cultivate that intimacy we need to do what is pleasing to Him.

Let's look at it from another point of view. Consider your spouse. You can do the everyday things. The every day tasks that a wife should do. But how do you really make an intimate relationship? You do extra things to please him. You cook his favorite meal on his birthday. You tuck a love note into his lunch box. You clean the house spotless, hire a sitter, light some candles and get dressed up all pretty for a special intimate date night at home. What are you doing? Things to please your spouse.

Don't just try to get by in your relationship with God. Work on pleasing Him so that you can become more intimate with Him!


Belinda said...

There have been times that I did try to just get by in my relationship with God. But I never really gave up on trying to please Him. And I was spinning my wheels those times I did was just getting by.
If we aren't growing in the Lord, we aren't pleasing Him and we are doing just that...spinning our wheels.

Snoodles said...

Great post today...I need to focus on this. Pray in a way that delights Him, study His word and take it in, to please Him. Even our worship and our singing can please Him.
A thoughtful and inspiring post!