Saturday, January 21, 2012

P.P. Questions week 7

1) Hopeful now joins Christian and they enter into a 'brotherly covenant'. What do you think this covenant was?

2)By-ends tries to go two ways at once. Which ways, and why is that impossible? Do you know a Bible verse to go with this answer?

3) By-ends says that he differs in two small points in religion from those of the stricter sort. What are the two small points, and how do Christians with this same philosophy act today?

4) How does By-ends reveal his hypocritical character when he tells Christian and Hopeful how he got his nickname?

5) Christian and Hopeful forsake By-ends. Three men are his new companions; they had been schoolfellows. Have you ever met a graduate from the same school?

6) What four types of people does Christian say will believe the argument By-ends and his companions used?

7) Christian summarizes with a 5th point. What is his summary in your own words?

8)Who was Demas in the Bible? What does Demas invite them to do and why does Christian refuse?

9)Who was Demas' great-grandfather and father? What was their fate? (2 Kings 5:20)

10) What do Christian and Hopeful see on the other side of the plain?

11) After a pleasant interlude by the river of God, Christian and Hopeful set out on their pilgrimage again. The river and the Way part. Why do they wish for a better way? How do they illustrate Proverbs 14:12?

12) How do Christian and Hopeful escape the Giant Despair? Have you ever escaped the giant Despair using the same means?

Remember, no need to answer here. These are just to give you something to think about as you reread the assignment this week.

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